When to Rent a Vertical Man Lift – Common Questions Answered about Single Man Lifts

Renting equipment is often associated with large construction jobs requiring bulldozers, boom lifts, or cranes. It’s pretty common to assume that completing your small job may be completed with extremely long extension ladders and some prayers for safety. Instead of putting yourself or employees at risk, contact your local equipment rental company to rent a man lift. These handy devices can help you get the vertical height you need to get the job done safely.

6 Common Questions about Single Man Lifts

Choosing the right lift takes some consideration. You want to look at the job requirements, the terrain, and if it’s an indoor or outdoor task. If you’re uncertain about utilizing a man lift, consider the answer to these six common questions.

  1. What is a vertical man lift? These pieces of equipment are incredibly compact aerial lifts. They are known by a few different names, such as personnel lifts, single man lifts, or push around man lifts. They do exactly what their name implies – they lift one man into the air.
  2. How big are they? These lifts are generally two to three feet wide and no more than five feet long. They can extend between 15 and 50 feet tall. While they may weigh around 1000 pounds, they are relatively easy to move. They may have outrigger stabilizers making their footprint slightly larger. Storing requires only five to six feet of space.
  3. Are there weight limits? A personnel lift is designed to hold one worker at a time and can withstand weights between 200 and 400 pounds.
  4. Where can they be used? Man lifts are meant to be used on indoor jobs. They are perfect for those jobs needing to be done in confined spaces. They don’t tolerate uneven ground, making them ineffective for outdoor use.
  5. Can you get directly under the area you want to work? This is where they shine! They are built to go straight up and down, letting you get in the specific area you want to be.
  6. Who benefits from using these lifts? Think about those interior jobs you need to do, like HVAC ductwork or electrical work. Other jobs that benefit from this type of lift include ceiling repairs, painting rafters, photography, videography, indoor construction, and renovations. Just about any job site can benefit from renting one if the job requires elevating yourself in the air.

Man Lift Rental Made Easy with Puckett Rents

Rent the right lift for your next indoor project when you consult with the team at Puckett Rents. We help you assess the best vertical man lift or point you in the direction of one of our other aerial or boom lifts, all based on your job requirements so you won’t need unstable ladders and putting your employees at risk.

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