Mission Vision & Values

Our Vision and Mission Statements are important to us. Their purpose is to help us maintain razor-sharp focus on exactly why we’re here, where we want our company to go, and how we want to get there.

Our Vision Statement

At Puckett Rents, our Vision is simple:

  • Be viewed by our customers as an indispensable partner
  • Be viewed by Caterpillar as a World-Class dealership
  • Be viewed by our employees as a GREAT place to work

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to providing our customers with high quality, value-added products, services, and solutions which yield the lowest life-cycle cost; always with integrity.

Our Core Values:

1. Integrity

  • We are honest and act with integrity while interacting with customers, vendors, employees, or personnel in the community at all times
  • We avoid and manage conflicts and potential conflicts of interest
  • We compete fairly – always acting ethically and never acting illegally as we conduct business
  • We accurately report our financial documents
  • We are fair, honest, and open in our communications – both inside the company and outside the company
  • We refuse to make or accept improper payments when conducting business

2. Excellence

  • We accept nothing but the best quality in our products and services
  • We focus on delivering the best and the highest value to our customers; always with a sense of urgency
  • We establish a work environment that supports and promotes excellence
  • We select, place, and evaluate employees based on their qualifications and performance
  • We provide employees with opportunities to develop themselves personally and professionally
  • We see risk as an element of business to be managed, and as potential opportunity
  • We take an “enterprising” point of view in our decision- making processes

3. Teamwork

  • We treat others with respect and do not tolerate intimidation or harassment
  • We treat people fairly and prohibit discrimination of any type
  • We collaborate with key entities and resources externally
  • We build outstanding relationships with our business partners

4. Commitment

  • We take personal responsibility for our decisions and our actions
  • We protect our capital assets, our brand, and our intellectual and technical property
  • We recognize and respect personal privacy
  • We are proactive members and supporters of our communities

5. Safety

  • Safety comes first here every day
  • We protect the health, safety and security of others and ourselves
  • We have a commitment to ongoing safety education and training