When Does It Make Sense to Rent Landscaping Equipment? – Make the Most Profit for Your Landscape Business

Business owners always make decisions to ensure their company grows. Daily, you must choose where to invest your time and money. Do you buy new invoicing software that you access on your smartphone? Should you purchase that skid steer you’ve been eyeing, or should you rent it? You want to know you’ve made the best decision for your needs.

Choose landscaping equipment rental that makes sense when you work with Puckett Rents. Our extensive inventory of mini excavators, compact track loaders, skid steers, tampers, and small dozers gives you everything you require to ensure you can get the job done fast and within budget. Make us the first call for your landscape equipment needs.

3 Reasons to Rent Landscape Equipment

Deciding whether to rent, lease, or buy equipment is a personal and business decision. Here are three reasons why landscaping equipment rental makes sense:

  1. Your business is new and strapped for cash. New business owners frequently need to keep an eye on their cash flow. Plunging all your money into payments can leave you vulnerable when your receivables are much less than your payable. Instead of worrying each week about how you will meet payroll, ease the tension and rent until it makes sense to purchase.
  2. You use the equipment less than 65% of the time. Buying a piece of equipment that will sit in a garage instead of earning its keep doesn’t make sense. Not only do you have the monthly payment, but you may also have to license and insure it, as well as pay to maintain it properly. As a general rule of thumb, if you use the equipment for less than 65% of the time, rent it.
  3. You don’t have space to store large equipment. Overhead expenses is one area that business owners try to keep lower. Having to store items takes room and may require additional outbuildings that you cannot invest in. It’s easier to rent what you need when you need it and let the rental company worry about storage.

8 Common Landscaping Equipment Rentals

Today, you can rent just about any tool you need to get the job done. At Puckett Rents, we offer a massive inventory of both large and small landscaping tools, such as:

  • Small excavators
  • Small dozers
  • Track and wheel skid steer loaders
  • Trenchers/walk-behind and ride-on units
  • 2-3-4” water pumps
  • Pressure washers
  • Tampers
  • Auger, breaker attachments for a skid steer or mini excavators
  • Dingos (also known as walk-behind skid steers)

Keep an Eye on Your Bottom Line – Puckett Rents is Here to Help!

Make the easy choice when you pick Puckett Rents for your landscaping equipment rental. We get you set up fast, so you can get to your job site and do what you do best. Our team can even answer questions when you are out in the field. We’re here for your success!

Call our customer care team 24/7 at 800-736-8228 or 601-939-5151 to get your landscaping equipment rental. You can also fill out our online form to inquire about renting our tools.