What’s the Difference between a Tracked and a Wheeled Skid Steer?

Your Preferred Equipment Rental Company Weighs In

The skid steer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you will ever use. All you need is the right size and attachments and you can do just about anything, from moving dirt to tools and supplies. Use it for loading, grading, or digging. Just make sure you have the right tires or decide if you should use tracks. Therein lies the dilemma. How do you know if it’s better to have tires or tracks on the skid steer you get from your Hattiesburg, MS, equipment rental company?

Understanding the Main Differences between Tracked and Wheeled Skid Steers

When you understand the differences, you will be better positioned to choose which version makes the most sense for your project. Here is a breakdown of the main differences between a tracked skid steer and a wheeled one:

  • Wheeled Skid Steers: This machine has wheels and was the only available version for years. They work well when you have a level surface like a job site where the dirt is hard-packed or is asphalt or concrete. Because of the wheels, they move faster on these types of terrain. They also work well for landscaped surfaces since the tires will not tear up the surface as a track can. Because of the tires, the machine’s weight is distributed on four contact surfaces. This means it can sink into muddy terrain. Also, you could lose a tire because of a rough surface. Finally, the tires will wear down faster than tracks.
  • Tracked Skid Steers: Instead of tires, these skid steers run on tracks. Because the tracks distribute weight better than tires, they can used on different surfaces. They are ideal for wet, muddy, and snowy ground. They can handle loose gravel and loose sand because they seem to float onto instead of sinking into soft surfaces. Because of the additional ground contact and their low center of gravity, they have better capability on sloped ground. Tracked skid steers also give the driver a smoother ride versus the wheeled version. On soft surfaces, you will gain more breakout and lifting force. One more plus for the tracked steer is that it won’t compact the ground. You don’t want to take this skid steer over concrete or asphalt as it will tear up those terrains.


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