What You Can Find at Your Equipment Rental Store

Buying construction equipment can be expensive and takes away much-needed capital from other aspects of your business. Part of the expense you have to consider is the storage and maintenance for something you only need to use from time to time. For many contractors, renting a small dozer or telehandler makes much more sense than purchasing various heavy equipment. If you’re in that category, you know that reaching out to a local, dependable heavy equipment rental store makes the most sense for your business needs. These stores pack a wide range of items to help you complete your projects on time and within budget.

5 Types of Equipment You Can Rent

Whether you are new to renting equipment or have done so infrequently, your handy equipment rental company has what you need to get the job done, including:

  1. Scissor lifts: Safer than ladders and more convenient than scaffolding, scissor lifts get you and your crew up where you need to be. You can find battery-operated ones that take you from ground level to 19 feet in the air in no time. Need to go higher? Look into a scissor lift that extends up to 49 feet without having to build scaffolding each time you need to move a few feet.
  2. Personnel lifts: For those times when you’re a one-person show and need to reach an extended height safely, a personnel lift can help. These convenient lifts can carry you up to 42 feet in the air and have safety features so you can feel comfortable working at extended heights.
  3. Skid steers: The compact skid steer—sometimes called the zippy little brother of the bulldozer—makes working in small areas a snap. Use this convenient tool to move earth around a landscape site, haul rocks out of the way, or spread gravel in tight locations. You can never go wrong when you use a skid steer on site.
  4. Backhoe/Trackhoe: Sometimes, you need something more versatile when digging trenches or moving dirt. Backhoes or trackhoes are the answer. Each one has plenty of attachments, including augers, buckets, couplers, grapples, hammers, pallet forks, rakes, rippers, and thumbs. These units come in various sizes, big or small and can handle any job.
  5. Telehandlers: Some jobs require larger pieces of equipment that can transport materials over rough terrain and large heights. For example, if you are working on building a distribution center and need help moving the premade walls, telehandlers can do the trick. They have load capacities of up to 11,000 pounds—plenty of capacity for your larger industrial jobs.

Choose the Equipment Rental Lift for Your Next Project

Get the right equipment for your next project fast by using an equipment rental company that cares. Talk to the team from Puckett Rents about our large, well-maintained inventory of boom lifts, backhoes, and earthmoving equipment. We also rent many other pieces of construction equipment, such as skid steers and telehandlers. We ensure you get the proper equipment when needed and look forward to answering your questions, ensuring your next rental goes smoothly. Call us today!

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