Typical Construction Equipment Rental You May Have Not Considered

Job sites benefit from having the right tools and equipment available. No one wants to move tons of earth with just a shovel. When budgets are tight though, the thought of putting out tens of thousands of dollars for a used bulldozer doesn’t make sense. Buying brand new equipment that will only be used occasionally is not a wise business decision either. What are your options then? Intelligent business owners head down to their dependable construction equipment rental company in Biloxi, MS. They can find everything they need without sending their bottom line into the red.

4 Categories of Construction Equipment You Should Rent in Biloxi, MS

Renting equipment is easy and saves you time and money. By working with a dependable rental company, you can get the type of machinery you need for your project. If you hav’nt considered renting before, you will be excited to see the different categories of equipment you can rent. Here are four to get you excited:

  1. Excavators: Earthmoving projects require stout equipment that can handle the tons of dirt at a construction site. Excavators can cover your various earthmoving needs, including digging, trenching, demolition, and plumbing. Smaller job sites benefit from a mini-excavator. They are both easy to get for commercial and residential land without leaving a large footprint.
  2. Forklifts and Reach Forks: Potentially the most common equipment found on a job site, forklifts and reach forks offer you a range of options. You may find it hard to pick between a side loader, warehouse forklift, telehandler, rough terrain forklift, and industrial forklift. Your dependable equipment rental company can assist you with determining the best forklift for your project.
  3. High Reach Equipment: Ladders are handy but not when you need to go higher than a few feet. It would help if you had a lift or boom to get things done safely when that happens. Common types of lifts and booms include scissor lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts, boom lifts, articulated knuckle booms, telescopic boom lifts, and atrium lifts.
  4. Skid Steers: This is the budget-friendly, Jack-of-all-trades for your project. These are the handiest pieces of equipment that can do a variety of different tasks, saving you money from having to rent many other parts. They can be used for construction, demolition, excavation, road construction and maintenance, and even farming! They can help you clear brush, clean up your site, and remove snow.

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Avoid stemming your cash flow. Look at what types of equipment you use, and then head over to Puckett Rents. We have what you need when you need it. Our equipment is well-maintained and ready to do the heavy lifting and moving. We love helping our customers get what they want to grow their businesses. We are also happy to share our knowledge, so ask your questions when you call us today!

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