Types of Scissor Lifts for Your Construction Job

Best Choices for Your Lift Rental Needs

Having the right equipment in place when you begin a new job gives you the ability to complete things on time. That makes you popular with your customers and helps your bottom line. Sometimes, the choices set before you make things more difficult. Do you need that big diesel scissor lift for an indoor job? Will the pneumatic lift have the power you need? These are only some of the questions you may face the next time you need a lift rental. By understanding the basics of the different scissor lifts, you can make informed decisions that will keep your project moving smoothly.

5 Types of Scissor Lifts

Lifts are powerful tools able to raise you and materials safely. They are not all alike, however. Different kinds work better under different circumstances. Here are the five types of scissor lifts you may use throughout your construction career:

  1. Hydraulic: This is a simple option for your construction needs and doesn’t require much training. A hand-operated or engine-driven hydraulic system powers the lift. Its ability to lift the platform up and down depends on the hydraulic oil in the machine. Because the fluid is more viscous in lower temperatures, these lifts are better suited for those projects where you do not need a lot of speed or horsepower.
  2. Diesel: These scissor lifts are probably the most commonly found on construction sites. They can reach heights of around 30 feet, and some can go up to 60 feet. They are powered by diesel fuel, meaning they are a little noisy and emit fumes. You will generally want to use these on outdoor sites.
  3. Electric: Instead of using diesel, these lifts use electricity to provide a quieter experience. Because they do not emit fumes and tend to be smaller than their diesel counterparts, they are helpful for indoor projects and smaller spaces.
  4. Rough Terrain: This is an outdoor lift that runs on diesel, gas, liquid propane, or dual fuel. They have heavy-duty tires, can handle heavy weights and have many safety features, such as restraints and arrestors. They are fantastic for those sites with uneven surfaces and slopes or inclement weather.
  5. Pneumatic: This scissor lift uses air pressure to lift and lower its platform. It also uses air instead of fuel, not emitting fumes like diesel or rough terrain lifts. They are not as powerful, but they can be used in almost any environment, even indoors.

Puckett Rents Can Help You Choose the Best Lift Rental

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