Top 5 Industries that Benefit from Telehandler Rental

Equipment rental is an excellent choice for contractors because it saves money on lease payments, storage, and upkeep. There are many types of equipment you can choose from when utilizing the services of your favorite heavy equipment rental company. However, there is one machine that is perfect for reaching heights and overcoming rough terrain. When you need something that can practically do it all, choose a telehandler rental.

How a Telehandler Rental Is Used in these 5 Industries

Not sure if your industry can benefit from a telehandler? You might be surprised to know the following top industries that commonly use telehandler rental for their operations:

  1. Construction: A construction site may be the most common place to see a telehandler in action. They’re great for moving large loads of drywall and reaching heights that a traditional forklift can’t. They efficiently handle heavy loads, like steel beams, concrete blocks, and roofing materials. Their ability as a telescopic boom offers you more flexibility in reaching different heights and distances.
  2. Agriculture: Farmers understand the benefits of having a telehandler around when it’s time to put up hay for the season. These machines are great for loading and unloading farm materials and are helpful with the farmer’s never-ending chore list. A telehandler is an excellent substitute when you don’t have enough farmhands to make things go quickly.
  3. Warehousing and logistics: Distribution centers dot the landscape across the United States. They are hubs for many different consumer materials. A telehandler works perfectly a warehouse. It can move and stack pallets, load and unload trucks, and reach high shelves. They have many attachments that can make working in a warehouse much more productive.
  4. Landscaping and maintenance: Trees, shrubs, and flowers create curb appeal to buildings and homes. Landscapers who use larger equipment like a telehandler understand that these machines help lift and place trees and large shrubs. They can also be used to transport other heavy landscaping materials. Renting a telehandler will save you and your crew’s backs from the strain of physical labor.
  5. Oil and gas: Use a telehandler to transport equipment in both upstream and downstream operations. The machine can handle moving large pipes and valves with ease. You can also use them to load and unload supplies and during maintenance in remote and challenging environments.

Choose the Best Telehandler Rental Equipment from a Reliable Company

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