Telehandler Basics – Get More from Your Telehandler Rental

You may think of a forklift when you need a machine that can reach different heights and carry heavy loads. Sometimes however, you need a piece of equipment that can handle more weight and has more versatility than a forklift. That is when a telehandler comes into the picture. These beasts are versatile and well-suited for indoor and outdoor applications. They are more than capable of lifting and toting items around a site or in a warehouse. Renting one makes sense for those who strive to work efficiently. When you need assistance with your telehandler rental, be sure to talk with a dependable equipment rental company. You will have the best tools ready for your project in no time.

Telehandler 101 – Learn the Basics of this Powerful Machine


You may have seen a telehandler in use within the agricultural industry. They are used to haul fence posts and hay among other things. You may not know that the telehandler is making its way into the construction industry. If you’ve ever considered renting one, here are the basics of this versatile machine:


  1. What It Is: Some may think of this machine as a forklift on steroids. It reaches higher and carries heavier loads with ease. Often used in agriculture, the telehandler is also found on construction sites too, to haul drywall, stones, and other materials.
  2. Types: You will find two main types of a telehandler. Each is based on their movement capability. For example, a fixed telehandler has a lower range of motion but can handle heavier loads. The rotating telehandler moves in many directions and is easier to maneuver around a job site.
  3. Hydraulic Functions: You can move the boom and fork in many ways. The boom moves up, down, and cab extend, or retract. The forks tilt up and down, while the stabilizers will both extend and retract. The frame levels, and you can steer it using three different methods.
  4. Common Uses: Consider a telehandler rental to move heavy equipment like air conditioners or compressors. It’s handy in demolition jobs. You can use it in place of a crane for some projects. It has greater extension ability, so it’s used as a lift-and-place tool on some construction sites. You will even find them in warehouses.
  5. Additional Names: The telehandler goes by many names: teleporter, reach forklift, boom lift, and lull or cherry picker.
  6. The Right Attachments for the Job: Telehandlers may be fitted with various attachments, including pallet forks, a bucket, sweeper, work platform, and lifting jobs. In short, you can raise material, move earth, and reach elevated areas to work.


Work Smarter – Choose a Telehandler Rental from a Reliable Company


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