Steps Your Rental Company Takes When Maintaining a Man Lift

Not all projects require keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground. Some include being sustained in the air. You may need to change light bulbs in an office building lobby or install ceiling tiles in a school cafeteria. When you need to get your body off the ground safely, rent an aerial lift. These handy devices offer a safer option for getting into the air than a ladder. Enjoy a simple process when you rent a man lift from a dependable company. Before you know it, you have a piece of well-maintained equipment at a reasonable rate. They handle all the headaches that can come with owning larger machinery. You only need to pick it up, use it, and return it. They manage the day-to-day requirements of keeping it in tip-top shape.

Common Maintenance Steps for Man Lift Rentals

Equipment rental companies are like Santa’s helpers. They have grown-up toys galore ready for you and your next project! Like his elves, they work hard to ensure each piece of machinery they have available to rent is ready for use. This requires some behind-the-scenes work, including:

  1. Pre-rental inspections: Before you rent a man lift off the lot, trained personnel have inspected it to ensure it is in good condition. They look for any visible damage, worn-out components, and safety features.
  2. Regular maintenance: A rental company schedules regular servicing of their lifts. This can involve routine checks, lubrication of moving parts, and inspections.
  3. Battery charging and testing: Some man lifts are electric. Your preferred rental company will check the batteries and ensure they are charged and well-maintained.
  4. Hydraulic systems inspection: They will inspect hoses and components for leaks, check hydraulic fluid levels, and address any issues as they arise.
  5. Tire inspections: The tires will be checked for proper inflation and condition to ensure any damaged or worn-out tires are replaced. Good tires provide stability and safer conditions while suspended in the air.
  6. Emergency systems check: The emergency stop buttons and descent mechanisms will be inspected for proper operation.
  7. Cleaning and cosmetic maintenance: Rental companies will clean and handle cosmetic care, including removing dirt and debris and ensuring safety labels are legible.
  8. Recordkeeping: Proper documentation is vital to meet safety standards. Your equipment rental company maintains the records for maintenance and inspections.
  9. Repair service: They handle all the necessary repairs to restore the man lift to a safe operational state.
  • Post-rental inspection: When you return your rented man lift, it will be inspected to assess any damage or wear that may have occurred. Any issues will be addressed.
  • Schedule major maintenance: When major maintenance service is required, such as component replacement, they will schedule it promptly.

Rent a Man Lift from a Dependable Equipment Rental Company

When you need to get in the air safely, rent a man lift from Puckett Rents. We carry a large, well-maintained inventory of aerial lifts, skid steers, telehandlers, earthmoving equipment, and more. Our team ensures you get the proper lift when you need it. We love answering your questions to ensure your next equipment rental goes smoothly. Call us today!

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