Should I Consider Scissor Lift Rental or Settle for Scaffolding?

Contractors like you have many options deciding which equipment to use to complete projects. The variety is wide, with skid steers, telehandlers, lifts, off-road trucks, and more. With almost endless options to choose from, why would you prefer something less productive? For example, working with heights means you need be lifted in the air for extended periods while staying safe. While a ladder may work for a small job, scaffolding is better. However, there is an even better option than ladders and scaffolding. Enjoy the benefits of a scissor lift rental from your local equipment rental company. This handy machine will quickly get you in and out of a job while helping you remain safer.

5 Reasons to Choose Scissor Lift Rental Over Scaffolding

If you’re tired of lugging pipes and boards to assemble and break down scaffolding, consider these reasons to rent a scissor lift:

  1. Scissor lifts have greater versatility. They have wheels for more effortless mobility, and some types are small enough to fit in places scaffolding would not. Scaffolding must stay put and is limited to certain types of terrain it’s used on. There are many different styles and sizes of scissors lifts that can be used indoors and outdoors.
  2. You will enjoy greater productivity. Because transporting and setting up a lift is quick and straightforward, you can get more jobs done faster. They also have space for tools and other equipment so you don’t have to run around looking for them continually. They’re right where you need them.
  3. They are safer for job sites exposed to the public. Sometimes, you may have a job where pedestrians will walk near your work area. Instead of worrying about how to move the scaffolding safely, a scissor lift rental allows you to move easily and doesn’t take up as much of a footprint, making it easier for people to walk around.
  4. Scissor lifts have more safety and stability features. Unlike scaffolding, lifts have extra features like outriggers to give the operator more safety. Also, because they are agile and quick to operate, you can lower and move them fast if high winds and storms hit.
  5. They save you money. Since you can complete jobs faster and with fewer people than with scaffolding, you can take on more projects. You also save money because your crew will spend more time getting the job done rather than hours on dismantling scaffolding.

Choose Scissor Lift Rental from a Company Dedicated to Your Needs

Completing tasks that require you to be several feet off the ground must be done safely. Choose a scissor lift rental from Puckett Rents to make things safer and more straightforward. We offer many different types of lifts to fit your unique requirements. In addition to scissor lifts, we also carry telehandlers, boom lifts, skid steers, generators, light towers, and landscaping equipment. We keep our equipment well-maintained and ready for your next construction project. If you have questions, please contact us. We enjoy answering your questions to ensure you get what you need to accomplish the job and at great rental rates. Give us a call today and put our years of experience to the test.

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