Rent a JLG Lift and Avoid these 4 Safety Hazards

Suggestions from Puckett Rents on Ways to Stay Safe

Big equipment makes life in the construction industry much more manageable. Bulldozers move one hundred times the dirt that a shovel and a wheelbarrow do. Generators allow you to work on job sites without electricity. For bigger projects, you may choose a crane to move loads or hold up large walls. For those times when you need to reach heights higher than your ladder, you know to rent a JLG lift from Puckett Rents.

Get the right tools for your next job when you reach out to us. We carry a large selection of lifts, dozers, tampers, and other heavy-duty equipment. Our experts can help you find just what you need fast, so you can get to work. Contact us anytime for a free quote and to find the availability of our rentals. We aim to serve all our customers better than anyone else out there.

4 Key Safety Risks to Consider When Using a Lift

Equipment saves us time when managing a big project. When used safely, you can complete the project quicky, but accidents happen that can lead to injury or death. Here are four safety hazards you should be aware of to take the right precautions when using a lift:

  1. Falling: This is the most dangerous aspect of operating at a height. Some boom lifts can project over 100 feet in the air at angles. One wrong move and the operator can be seriously injured or worse. It’s a good idea to move carefully while within the basket and you must always wear proper fall protection that connects you to the basket. Puckett Rents offers a complete line of top-quality safety harnesses for sale in each of our locations. The railings are helpful as well.
  2. Tipping: If the arm is extended past a safe angle from the base, the boom can become a tipping hazard if the worker becomes lax in their attention to safety. It’s a good idea to keep weather conditions and total weight in the basket in the forefront of your mind when using a lift.
  3. Collisions: Because both the base and the arms move on a lift, it’s imperative that the operator remain vigilant of their surroundings. It is possible to collide with both aerial and ground-level obstacles.
  4. Electrical accidents: The advantage of using a lift is that you can reach heights you usually couldn’t with a ladder. That also means you may be working around electrical wires. As is essential when working around any electrical supply sources, it’s critical to remain hyper-vigilant and use proper precautions.

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