Ready to Expand Your Landscape Business? Choose Equipment Rental Service

Make this Summer Count with Help from Puckett Rents

One sound often heard during warmer temperatures is hum of running lawn equipment. From riding mowers to tampers to skidsteer loaders, office buildings and homes alike go through transformations. As a landscape contractor, your work is hard but the payoff is worth it to see once overgrown and tired plant beds come to life. You need tools that are up for the job, but when cash flow is tight or you need a larger piece of equipment for a one-off job, what are your options? You can make a large purchase that dips significantly into your budget or instead, utilize an equipment rental service.

Get the right tools for your next landscaping project when you talk with the folks at Puckett Rents. We carry a large inventory of compact excavators, small dozers, trenchers, water pumps, dingos, tampers, and anything else you may need to get the project completed on time and under budget. Pursue that new client or save space by renting what you need from us.

Why Consider an Equipment Rental Service for Your Next Job?

Saving money is generally the biggest reason to rent equipment. Besides alleviating the stress of ownership and the headaches that come with it, there are some additional reasons to utilize equipment rental services:

  1. Smaller operating and project budget: Growing your business requires additional capital you may not have readily available. Renting your trenchers or aerators can alleviate the struggle you may have with cash flow.
  2. Lack of storage space: You need plenty of equipment but having the right amount of space to store them may be a problem that equipment rental can fix.
  3. Little use for some lawn hardware: You may not need to move a lot of earth with each job so it doesn’t make financial sense to buy a small dozer.
  4. You want to reach new customers: Choosing to expand your clientele is a bold move. Wow them with your landscaping capabilities without busting your budget. Instead rent the tools you need.
  5. Job sites are far from home base: Maybe you have the opportunity to work a job two states over. You don’t need to haul all your tools around. Instead, choose to rent and eliminate the worry of losing your equipment while working out of state.

Expand Your Business Reach with Help from Puckett Rents

Clearing brush and trees are much easier when you have what you need to accomplish the task. Have tree stumps or large rocks to remove? Puckett Rents has what you need and more. Check out our extensive inventory of rental equipment. We offer you support before, during, and after your equipment rental, and when you are ready to purchase, we can get you what you are looking for. Don’t let a lack of tools keep you from pursuing a new clientele. Go ahead and win that new contract. Then contact us next.

Call our equipment rental service team 24/7 at 800-736-8228 or 601-939-5151. You can also fill out our online form to send us your questions and we will be sure to respond promptly.