Questions to Answer Before Heading to the Equipment Rental Company

Renting construction equipment has become a popular option for contractors, farmers, and homeowners. Why buy a skid steer if you only need it for a few days? Start-up contractors don’t want to tie up precious cash flow with a long-term lease on a telehandler. You can save time and money when you rent instead of buy. Knowing what you need makes it an all-around better experience. It’s a good idea to take some time to ask yourself a few questions before you head out to your local equipment rental company.

Questions You Need to Answer When Renting Equipment

Not every piece of equipment on the rental store’s lot will fit all projects. Some can cross over between tasks, and then there are some that you will only need for specialized jobs. Understanding what you need may help the rental process run smoothly and save you money. Here are six questions to answer when considering renting equipment for your next project:

  1. What is the environment of the project? Consider the aspects of the project. Will you be working inside or outside? If outside, is the terrain hilly, rocky, or smooth? What type of ground will you have to cross to get to the site? The goal is to look at the project with a big-picture view.
  2. What type of equipment do you need for this project? Next, you need to narrow your focus on the necessary equipment to accomplish your tasks. For example, if you need to move lots of dirt, you’ll want an excavator. You will need a lift if you plan to hang a large banner in the school’s gymnasium.
  3. What size of equipment do you need? You now know the basic parameters of the project and the type of equipment necessary. Now you need to focus on the size of the equipment required. There are a variety of sizes within each category from which you can choose.
  4. Are there any necessary attachments required? It’s a good idea to consider what will make the job easier to accomplish and ask about the different types of attachments available. A backhoe helps dig. Add an augur attachment, and you can quickly knock out fence post holes.
  5. How long will the project take? It’s a tricky question since there isn’t necessarily a cut and dry answer to this question. The goal is to best estimate how long you will need the equipment for the part of the job it will be doing. This may not be as lengthy as the whole job, but you also don’t want to run yourself short on time.
  6. How will you get the equipment onsite? Do you have the means to transport the bulldozer or skid steer? If not, you will want to discuss this with the rental company and see if they have delivery services.

Get Answers from a Knowledgeable Equipment Rental Company

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