Opportunities to Enhance Your Landscape Company’s Services

Keep Busy All Year Long with Help from Your Equipment Rental Company

Landscapers in the northern part of the country find the winter as a slow period. They often add snow removal services to keep busy when they can’t plant. Things are slightly different in the southern states but that doesn’t mean you will be highly active throughout the cooler months. You do however have many more opportunities available to keep your business growing while offering expanded services. When you need extra tools to get new jobs done, be sure to reach out to your preferred landscaping equipment rental dealer.

5 Ways to Expand Your Landscaping Business

Business owners always look for new ways to enhance and grow their reach. Take advantage of different ways to expand your landscaping business with these five suggestions:

  1. Use Any Downtime to Consider How the Season Went: You realize dreams when you establish goals. Knowing you’re heading in the right direction starts by reviewing previous months. What went well? How did renting landscaping equipment aid in keeping costs and time spent on a job down? What can improve? What should you keep doing? Answers to these valid questions can aid you in preparing for the ramp-up in later months and seasons.
  2. Hire Additional Team Members: It’s time-consuming to train new employees. That’s why slow periods are good times to find qualified personnel and get them trained so you can handle new business as it comes.
  3. Take Some Courses or Attend Seminars: Plants are not the only thing that grows with support and feedings. Seminars can help you stay up to date of seasonal trends, pest management techniques, and the market as a whole. It’s also a great way to make contacts within the industry.
  4. Offer to be Santa’s Helper: You may not want to offer snow removal, but you can hang and take down Christmas lights. This convenient service may put you on Santa’s nice list since you can easily rent a lift to keep things safe while in the air.
  5. Encourage Good Land Stewardship with Monthly Services: Keeping lawns meticulous is hard work, and not all homeowners or business owners want to deal with it. They may not realize that they should handle specific tasks each month other than lawn mowing season. Set up a maintenance service that includes monthly lawn care with gutter cleanings, planting bulbs in the winter for spring, tree trimming, and pruning based on the specific plant’s needs.


Ensure You Get the Landscaping Equipment You Need – Talk to Puckett Rents

Working year-round is possible when you keep your finger on the pulse of the industry, try new services, and utilize Puckett Rents for all your landscaping equipment rental needs. We carry name-brand skid steers, small dozers, and other tools, all ready for you to get your jobs done quickly and under budget. Contact our friendly staff and see what we have available. We love to share our knowledge. Feel free to pick our brains with your questions!

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