VFD-A800/W800 Variable Frequency Drive for Face Conveyor Systems

VFD-A800/W800 Variable Frequency Drive for Face Conveyor Systems

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The Cat VFD-A800/W800 provides efficiency and maximized profitability for the motor control of armored face conveyors in underground longwall applications. The variable frequency drive consists of an air-cooled VFD unit, a liquid-cooled VFD unit, and an external cooling station. The Cat medium voltage drive delivers enhanced motor control and increased energy efficiency on motor applications with a rated power of up to 800 kW (1,072 hp).

Technical Data

Rated Power
1072.0 hp
Input Voltage
3300V ± 10%
Maximum Operational Torque
210.0 %
Current Source Inverter (CSI)
Input Frequency
50/60 Hz ± 5%
Motor Type
AC motor
Output Frequency
0-60 Hz
Output Voltage
Power Factor (cos phi)
> 97.5% (PWM)
VFD separate from motor (cable distance up to 4 km/2.5 miles)
Slew Rate
20%-80% < 20 m/sec

Dimensions (All dimensions and weights are approximate.)

51.0 in
146.0 in
Weight - VFD-A800 (air cooled)
14771.0 lb
Weight - VFD-W800 (water cooled)
17196.0 lb
49.0 in