CCS9 Smooth Drum Combination Vibratory Compactor

CCS9 Smooth Drum Combination Vibratory Compactor

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The CCS9 is a 9 metric ton vibratory combination compactor that combines the smooth front drum of a soil compactor, with smooth rear tires similar to a pneumatic compactor. In addition, the water spray system utilized on Cat® Asphalt Compactors keeps the drum and tires wet for excellent performance on asphalt. It offers outstanding operator comfort while continuing the legacy of durability, reliability and ease-of-service that contractors worldwide have come to expect from Caterpillar machines.


Operating Weight with Cab
20580.0 lb
Weight at Drum with Cab
11554.0 lb
Operating Weight with ROPS/FOPS
19842.0 lb
Weight at Drum with ROPS/FOPS
9325.0 lb

Operating Specifications

Standard Compaction Width
84.0 in
Turning Radius Inside Drum Edge
12.1 ft
Ground Clearance
15 in
Static Linear Load, with Cab
138 lb/in
Static Linear Load, with ROPS/FOPS
132 lb/in
Travel Speed - Maximum
6 mph


Gross Power
131.0 hp
Engine Model
Cat C4.4 with ACERT


Overall Length
18.7 ft
9.58 ft
Overall Width
7.58 ft
Drum Diameter
51 in
Drum Width
84.0 in
Height with ROPS/FOPS or Cab
9.9 ft

Vibratory System

Centrifugal Force - Maximum
31023.0 lb
Centrifugal Force - Minimum
12409.0 lb
Nominal Amplitude - High
0.040 in
Nominal Amplitude - Low
0.014 in
Vibratory Frequency - Standard
2520 vpm

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity
40 gal
Water Spray Tank Capacity
132 gal
Wheel Spray Tank
4 gal
  • Additional Rear View Mirrors
  • Beacon, Rotating
  • Bio-oil Factory Fill
  • Cab Internal Roll-Down Sun Screen
  • Infra-Red Temperature Guage
  • ROPS/FOPS Cab with Climate Control
  • Sun Visor
  • Water Distribution Mats (Cocoa, Rubber)