Needing Boom Lift Rentals? Learn the Different Types of Lifts and Their Uses

Lifts are an indispensable part of any construction business, providing a secure and efficient way to elevate crew members without the risks associated with ladders or scaffolding. They are utilized for various tasks, from hanging drywall to fixing light fixtures in gymnasiums, ensuring the smooth operation of your projects. These mechanical devices, available in multiple forms such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, and cherry pickers, offer flexibility, stability, and ease of use. Discovering the ideal lift for your next job is a breeze when you rely on the services of a company specializing in boom lift rentals and other aerial lift rentals.

4 Types of Aerial Lifts – How to Use Them

Boom lifts are just one of the many lift types available, but they are a popular choice for their efficiency. Each lift type is designed to cater to specific tasks, empowering contractors to complete their jobs efficiently and within budget. Here are the four types of lifts you can utilize on your projects:

  1. Articulating boom lift: Do you need to trim trees or conduct building maintenance? An articulating boom lift may fit the job. These lifts have an articulating knuckle with multiple hinged sections to maneuver easily in tight spaces. They are perfect for crowded work environments with hard-to-reach spaces. Use them for indoor construction, maintenance, and window cleaning.
  2. Telescopic boom lift: These boom lifts are built to achieve maximum heights. They can handle heavy weights, and the telescoping feature will quickly take you high in the air in a controlled manner. Consider using a telescopic boom lift for installing utility poles, overhead construction work, and maintenance on high-rise buildings.
  3. Scissor lifts: One favorite among contractors is the scissor lift. Known for being incredibly versatile and able to handle indoor and outdoor jobs, they are a popular choice. You will recognize them for their scissor-like lift mechanism. Choose this type of lift when you need to reach the top shelf in a warehouse, work on a painting project, or do ceiling repairs.

Boom Lift Rentals from a Trusted Company

Knowing you can get a job done efficiently and under budget is a relief for any contractor. Using a boom lift or another type of lift is easy when working with the Puckett Rents team. We are happy to answer your questions and quickly help you get the right boom lift rental. We have a large, well-maintained inventory of boom lifts, scissor lifts, material lifts,  excavators, earthmoving equipment, and backhoes. Call us today to schedule your rental.

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