Need to Remove a Stump? Try a Skid Steer Rental – Puckett Rents Has the Right Equipment to Get the Job Done

Removing stumps is part of the process of clearing land. Without it, grading a job site proves difficult. Options for removal are many, including chemical, manual, burning, grinding, or calling in a professional company. There is one more option to consider, and that is renting a skid steer. These handy pieces of equipment are built to withstand harsh conditions to remove overgrowth and dense brush and stumps. Choosing the right skid steer rental company is the first step in getting your project completed on time and within budget.

How to Use a Skid Steer to Remove Tree Stumps

Your crew working on grading a construction site or on a land development project can utilize the skid steer to make clearing the land much more manageable. Here are three general steps to get you started:

  1. Clear the Area: Gain easier access by removing the surrounding underbrush and overgrowth. You might need to utilize a brush mower or disc mulcher to break away the debris and weeds.
  2. Reveal the Earth: Next, you need to loosen the dirt around the stump which can be accomplished with a root and grapple brush. This can also be helpful for removing small stumps.
  3. Use the Right Attachment: For medium-sized stumps, use a skid steer stump bucket or stump grinder. They make fast work of removing the dead wood and roots. You might need a tree shear with a grapple attachment to grasp the stump.
  4. Move the Stump: After clearing the area, loosening the surrounding dirt, and using the proper attachment to pull the stump out, it’s time to use the handy bucket to get that pesky lump of wood out of the way so you can work.

For larger stumps, you may want to consider renting a larger piece of equipment, such as a bulldozer to push out tall stumps. Once the tree and root system are removed, you need to replace dirt and smooth the ground. The bulldozer or track-type tractor is hugely beneficial for that application.

There isn’t just about anything that a skid steer can’t tackle with the right attachments. Start your next job with confidence by utilizing this incredibly versatile piece of equipment.

Depend on Puckett Rents for Your Skid Steer Rental Needs

Bid on your next project knowing that you can depend on Puckett Rents to have the right equipment to meet the job. We offer a variety of rental tools, from skid steers to bulldozers and much more. Our team works with you to find any additional attachments you may need. When you don’t want to bear the expense of buying large equipment, turn to us. Call us with your questions – we love to help!

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