Need a Telehandler Rental? Partner with a Full-Service Equipment Rental Company

Each job you take as a contractor requires the right equipment. Sometimes, you need a bulldozer. Other times you need a skid steer, and then there are situations when a telehandler is the best choice. Many companies realize that owning all these large pieces of equipment can make the balance sheet a little unbalanced. The next best option is to rent from a trusted equipment rental company. By partnering with a full-service company, you can get the best of all worlds for your telehandler rental and other large equipment.

5 Reasons to Choose the Right Partner for Your Telehandler Rental

Choosing to work exclusively with one rental company has many benefits. Besides the significant benefit of the staff getting to know you and your needs, here are five reasons to partner with a rental company dedicated to serving your diverse construction equipment requirements:

  1. Wide range of inventory: There are many different sizes of telehandlers ready for your next project. You may need a hefty one with a load capacity of 10,000 pounds one week and one with a load capacity of 5,500 pounds for another week. Your preferred rental company will have the best sizes to handle almost any job you encounter.
  2. Saves you money: Renting a telehandler can significantly reduce upfront costs and keep the cash flow going. Full-service rental companies can offer competitive rates, flexible rental terms, and discounted packages. Additionally, you avoid the expenses that come with equipment ownership, such as maintenance, storage, and insurance.
  3. Access to quality telehandlers: One of the biggest benefits of renting a telehandler is that you can access quality equipment with the latest models and newest technology. Access to cutting-edge features will improve your efficiency without going into debt to purchase and manage a new telehandler.
  4. Regularly maintained: Maintaining equipment can be time-consuming. Your preferred rental company works hard to keep its inventory well-maintained and ready for its customers. If you have any issues with the equipment, they will provide prompt support to rectify the problem.
  5. Access to expert advice: We all have questions, even when out in the field. By partnering with a full-service construction rental equipment company, you can utilize experts who can guide you to ensure you get the right equipment for your job.

Make the Best Telehandler Rental Choice from a Reliable Equipment Company

Know exactly what to expect from your preferred telehandler rental company when you choose Puckett Rents. We carry a large, well-maintained inventory of telehandlers, bulldozers, skid steers, and more, ready for your next project. Need an off-road truck? We have it. Our team ensures you get what you need when you need it, and we love answering your questions. If you are looking for a reliable equipment rental company, look no further. Call us today!

Consult our team for all your telehandler rental needs 24/7 at 800-736-8228 or 601-939-5151. You can also fill out our online form with your questions about any of the construction equipment we offer.