Little Known Construction Equipment for Rent

Whether a large commercial construction or a home improvement project, working on a job requires knowledge, skill, and tools. Many times, companies will buy commonly used equipment. Even homeowners with large plots of acreage may have different types of devices to care for their land. Yet, there will always be that one item you need for the one-time project. It’s then that you have to decide if buying is the best option. Before making a large purchase, consider other options, specifically the little-known construction equipment for rent at your dependable rental store.

Type of Construction Equipment You May Have Not Known You Could Rent

Save money and time by renting specialized construction equipment when you need it. A quality rental company will have these items available for you:

  1. Excavators: If you need to move dirt from a large area, put down the shovel and rent an excavator instead. They come in different sizes and handle tasks such as digging, trenching, demolition, construction, and plumbing.
  2. Forklifts and Reach Forks: Do you have some heavy lifting to do? Maybe you have many sheets of drywall needing to be lifted to a second-story bedroom. A forklift or reach fork may be the answer. Popular ones include side loaders, warehouse forklifts, counterbalance forklifts, telehandlers, industrial forklifts, pallet jack, order pickers, rough terrain forklifts, and walkie stackers.
  3. High Reaching Lifts: You need more height for a multi-storied building than a ladder can handle. Choose from scissor lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts, boom lifts, towable boom lifts, articulated knuckle booms, telescopic boom lifts, atrium lifts, personnel lifts, and aerial lifts.
  4. Skid Steers: These workhorses are handy in many different applications. They are a cost-effective solution for clearing brush, site cleanup, construction, demolition, excavation, farming, road construction and maintenance, and snow removal.
  5. Smaller Tools: There are many times when you could use a one-off tool for a short period, especially for residential tasks. These smaller tools are excellent for projects like landscaping and plumbing. You might rent a generator, light tower, or plumbing snake. You can get utility trailers and dump trailers. Other tools include paint sprayers, floor polisher, tile stripper, tile saw, water trucks, power tools, and air tools.


Rent Common and Odd Construction Equipment from a Reliable Company

Develop a relationship with your friendly Puckett Rents team and have the ace up your sleeve when you need quality rental equipment. We keep a well-stocked inventory available for our customers. We can help you determine the best tools for your project and set up your construction rental. Look to us for equipment required for excavating, land clearing, and hauling needs. If you need it, we’ll get it for you. Contact us today, and let’s work together to get you back on the job site fast.

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