Landscaping Equipment Rental – 8 Top Choices

As a landscape contractor, you know that curb appeal means happy customers. Nothing is better than a freshly mowed lawn or newly mulched flower beds. To produce the quality you insist upon, you need many different pieces of equipment. Some you may purchase, such as your zero-turn lawnmower. Others you rent. Landscape equipment rental makes your job much easier. You can use the machines and turn them back in without the need for pesky maintenance. Your favorite equipment rental company takes care of all of that for you.

Landscaping Equipment that Makes Sense to Rent

With so much to get done, it’s helpful to know the best equipment to rent for your next landscaping project:

  1. Skid Steer Loaders: This mighty workhorse eases the back strain from digging, hauling, and moving materials. They are highly maneuverable and have many attachments to make light work of any task.
  2. Mini Excavators: If you have a job requiring a lot of digging and dumping, a mini excavator will save you hours of labor. Use these when you need to move large patches of earth. They can dig deep and lift heavy loads easily.
  3. Drum Rollers: Use a drum roller to flatten large volumes of dirt, soil, gravel, and asphalt. This can help you if you need to create a solid foundation for decks, patios, and other hardscapes.
  4. Chippers and Mulchers: Cut limbs need handling, and that is where a chipper and mulcher come in handy. This equipment can make fast work of debris and foliage clearing projects.
  5. Sod Cutters: Use this to cut and clear away grass and turf. They leave a clear area where you can then plant your trees, shrubs, and flowers. You can use the sod patches to fill back in around sidewalks and bare patches.
  6. Tillers and Aerators: Give your customers healthier soil by renting lawn tillers and aerators. They break up the dirt to create holes where water can soak into the earth and reach plants at their roots.
  7. Overseeders: Use an overseeder to widely disperse grass seed and encourage a thicker lawn. They can also be used to spread fertilizer. With easy to adjust blades, you can ensure you are seeding at the proper depth.
  8. Stump Cutters: Tree stumps get in the way of beautification. A quality stump grinder will save your crew many man-hours that could otherwise be used on other projects.


Save Time and Money with Quality Landscape Equipment Rentals

Are you looking for quality landscape equipment to rent? Look no further than Puckett Rents. We have just about everything you might need for your project. We can get you set up with little hassle, from skid steers to mini excavators, while saving you money. Our team loves to talk shop and help you with your job needs. Contact us today for more information.

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