Industrial and Business Uses for Scissor Lifts – Get the Right Equipment for the Job from Puckett Rents

For years, contractors have utilized different pieces of large equipment to accomplish their jobs. From skid steers to bulldozers, they have dug and moved earth, rocks, and stone. Once cleared, they have put in the sweat needed to erect buildings and houses. One piece of equipment that makes their lives much easier is a scissor lift. Contractors and crews don’t have to use wobbly ladders or scaffolds when they find scissor lifts for rent at their local equipment rental store. The best news is that you don’t have to be in the construction field to benefit from this trade secret!

7 Applications for Scissor Lifts

Take advantage of scissor lifts and make your projects run smoother and safer. If you are still not sure if you should take advantage of this handy equipment, consider these seven areas of application:

  1. Building Maintenance: Sometimes, you need to reach a higher area of your building than you can safely with a ladder. For example, you might need to string a banner across the top of a high school gymnasium before the Senior Night basketball game. Scissor lifts are mobile and can move easily from one area to the next. It’s an easy choice for safety in churches, libraries, schools, and hospitals.
  2. Construction Projects: Probably one of the most common uses for scissor lifts is in the construction industry. These workhorses are handy for hanging drywall, installing wiring overhead, and other general and renovation contracting projects.
  3. Overhead Signs: If you own a business that needs its signs regularly swapped out, a lift can be a huge asset. Some common locations that can benefit from the extra help are mechanic shops, utilities, parking lot maintenance, and storage facilities.
  4. Production: Plants that are involved in manufacturing, chemical processing, or food processing may see an increase in operating efficiencies when they use a scissor lift to access high areas. It can also help with heavy loads.
  5. Transportation Industry: Trucking and railroad yards benefit from scissor lifts because of the lift’s ability to squeeze into narrow spaces. Also, employees can safely be transported between floors to retrieve items.
  6. Retail: Stores often have items stacked high to save space. A lift can make accessibility much simpler when you have to pull new stock regularly.
  7. Warehousing: Storage space is at a premium in warehouses across the country. Every single inch of space must be used to its fullest. At the same time, retrieval needs to be easy which is where a lift will prove useful.

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