How to Choose the Best Aerial Lift for Your Job

Each job requires different tools and equipment. When you need to reach heights that a ladder cannot, it’s time to choose a lift. Not all lifts are the same, and they can accomplish many things, but they can be cumbersome if you get one that is much larger than you truly need. Choosing can be a little difficult but asking the right questions helps.

Find the best aerial lift rental equipment when you reach out to the team at Puckett Rents. We work with you to find the perfect fit for the job you are working on. Know you can get the job done right when you rely on us to guide you. We have an extensive inventory ready for you.

4 Questions to Ask When You Need an Aerial Lift Rental for Your Project

Each aerial lift is designed for different purposes. Finding the right one for your project is critical to ensuring you can complete your tasks without interruption. Here are four questions you should ask when choosing the best lift for your project:

  1. What kind of load capacity will you need? Not only do you need to consider who will be going up into the aerial lift, but think about the type of tools and materials they will take with them. A scissor lift can handle more load capacity than a boom lift because of how they raise into the air. The smallest load capacity occurs in a vertical mast lift, which is convenient for its portability.
  2. How far do you need to reach? If you need to reach a long distance up, then you may want to choose an articulating or telescopic boom lift that can extend between 40 and 185 feet. Scissor lifts have a range of 19 to 40 feet; whereas, a vertical lift will get you between 15 and 30 feet and rotate 360 degrees.
  3. What is the size of the area you will be working in? Small spaces require different equipment. A vertical mast lift has a narrow chassis that moves easily around in confined areas. Most scissor lifts cannot fit into small spaces because they have a larger footprint. High-reach boom lifts are best suited for large areas.
  4. Will you be working indoors or outside? When you work inside, you want equipment with lower emissions and tires that won’t tear up floors. Vertical mast lifts and scissor lifts are ideal for indoor work. For those taller areas within a building, an electric boom lift can work. For outdoor work, you can use boom lifts powered by gasoline, propane, or diesel fuel.

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