How to Avoid Poor Timing of Your Backhoe Rental

Avoid Costly Delays with Help from Puckett Rents

When you decide that renting construction equipment is the best course of action for a new project, you must time your rental properly.  Proper planning helps you avoid increased expenses and poor efficiency. Once you understand the scope of the project and the best tools to use, you can then schedule your backhoe rental and others to match a realistic timeframe. There is a lot to consider when planning a job and tool rentals. Utilizing the services of an experienced rental company goes a long way in saving you time, money, and headaches.

4 Helpful Tips to Properly Time Your Backhoe Rental

Be strategic in your timing. You want the backhoe, skid steer, or bulldozer to arrive at the best timeframe during the project and still fit the needs of the dealer’s demand from other customers to have the equipment on other sites. Here are four tips to help you correctly time your rental:

  1. Decide on an Exact Start Date: The start date may be the most vital step required. To stick with your target timeline and budget, you need the equipment to show up at the right time. If not, you may pay too much for your rental or experience excessive downtimes.
  2. Take Weather into Consideration: Mother Nature dictates a lot in the construction world. No one wants to pay for a backhoe rental when the weather calls for four straight days of rain. Keep an eye on the forecast so you can try to take advantage of good weather while limiting interruptions or delays because of bad weather.
  3. Give Your Dealer Advance Notice: Once you know when you need to start and have taken the weather forecast into account, book your rental. The more notice you can give, the better your chances of getting the equipment you need when you need it. There’s no magic formula to booking your equipment rentals but waiting until the last minute is usually a costly mistake.
  4. Stay in Contact with Your Dealer: Make sure you keep on schedule by contacting your dealer periodically to ensure your reservation is still on track. Another tip is to check in with your dealer while you have the equipment in the event you need to keep it longer than initially requested in your rental agreement.

Quality Backhoe Rentals from Puckett Rents

Avoid poor timing of your backhoe and other equipment rentals when you take strategic steps and work with the experts at Puckett Rents. We have an extended inventory of construction equipment and tools to meet your project needs. Once you know the date you need your backhoe, skid steer, or telehandler, give us a call to reserve your time. We’re here with tools to get the job done on time and within your budget.

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