How the Boom Lift Got Its Name – Fun Facts from the Team at Puckett Rents

Accessing certain heights requires equipment made for the task. For example, setting up a six-foot ladder may be handy for painting the ceiling of an interior room. The floor is level, making it much safer than using a step ladder. However, that same six-foot ladder isn’t as safe when it’s used outside where the ground is uneven or soft. You should use equipment that offers you stability and safety, while taking you to the right height to accomplish your job. Consider boom lifts for rent when a ladder is no longer sufficient or safe.

Short History of a Long Boom Lift

We’re happy that they work when we need them but we often don’t think about where the names for our favorite tools and equipment came from. Sometimes a history lesson is interesting and gives us a new perspective. Here are some fun facts about the boom lift:

  1. A Canadian Invented the Boom Lift: That’s right. Our neighbors to the north are responsible for inventing this handy device. Walter E. Thornton-Trump made working in high spots much easier and safer.
  2. The Inventor Called It a Giraffe: The name fits as a boom’s arm can reach great distances, some as much as 70 feet in the air. However, the favorite name fits the function better and you’ve probably have used the term yourself – cherry picker.
  3. It Was Made Popular for Picking Fruit: Ladders can be dangerous on uneven ground and carrying heavy objects like loads of fruit doesn’t make it any easier. A boom lift is much safer, not to mention more efficient, and it saves many knees and backs from climbing and lifting.
  4. Boom Lifts Expanded to Saving Lives: Take a peek at a fire engine, and you’ll find a boom. This device makes it safer and easier for firefighters to put out fires faster. Utility companies also use booms to access power lines.
  5. There Are Two Basic Types: The versatility of the boom lift has not been lost on the industry. Today, you can find two main types of boom lifts for rent:
    • Articulating – These are sometimes called knuckle boom or an up-an-over boom. The sections bend independently to go over obstacles and handle rough or muddy terrain with ease.
    • Telescoping – Also called straight mast boom lifts or stick booms, these devices extend out and up like a telescope. They are convenient for working on bridges and roofs.

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