Choosing Boom Lifts to Rent for Your Next Project

When it comes to tackling projects that require working at elevations, safety and efficiency are crucial. Most projects benefit from using equipment better suited for great heights than a ladder or scaffolding. Boom lifts offer a reliable solution for accessing elevated areas quickly. You can use them for construction, maintenance, photoshoots, and any other task that requires you to be up in the air. Selecting the appropriate aerial lift for your project can be daunting with the various types and models available. Understanding the key considerations will help you make an informed decision when looking for boom lifts for rent.

5 Suggestions for Selecting the Best Boom Lift

With the help of your preferred equipment rental company, you can enjoy better safety and efficiency on your next job. It’s possible to find the best boom lifts for rent for your project when you consider these suggestions:

  1. Understand the scope requirements of your project. First, you must know the scope of the project you will be working on. Will you be outside or inside? What kind of heights will you need to reach? For example, replacing lightbulbs in the school gymnasium requires a different reach than placing a banner outside the building. You’ll also want to consider the weight requirements.
  2. Research the types of boom lifts available. Once you know the scope of your project, you can review the types of boom lifts available. There are two primary types, including articulated and telescopic. Articulated booms have multiple sections that bend, giving you more flexibility to reach over obstacles and access confined spaces. Telescopic booms have a straight, vertical extension, making them ideal for reaching maximum heights without interference.
  3. Consider the terrain and environmental factors. The terrain is an important matter to consider. Some booms work better on rugged terrain than others. The ones for outside work are designed with enhanced stability and traction for outdoor use on uneven surfaces, such as construction sites or rugged landscapes. You can look at electric or diesel-powered models for those indoor tasks where emissions and noise levels must be kept to a minimum.
  4. Think about safety first. You should always be thinking about safety, especially when working at heights. Boom lifts have advanced safety features like guardrails, harness attachment points, emergency lowering systems, and outriggers for added stability.
  5. Talk with your preferred store about rental options and pricing. Once you know which boom lift will work for your job, contact your favorite equipment rental company. They will work with you to find the best fit for your needs. They can lay out rental terms, rates, and availability. They are also fantastic for answering any of your questions.

Choose the Best Boom Lift for Your Project

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