Choose the Telehandler for Versatile Contracting Equipment Rental

Puckett Rents Weighs in on the Job Site Workhorse

When on a job site, you often find yourself in need of a piece of equipment that can basically ‘do it all.’ It should lift, move, and place a wide range of materials throughout your job site. Some large pieces of equipment are only good for moving earth, like a bulldozer. Few items can stage your initial materials at the start of a job and then clean up at the end of the job as a telehandler can. The next time you contemplate your contracting equipment rental needs for a new project, consider renting a telehandler. You’ll be glad to have this workhorse in your corner.

Learn the Basics of the Telehandler

The name telehandler is short for telescopic handler. It’s a multi-use piece of equipment known by other names, like teleporter, reach forklift, boom lift, lull, or cherry picker. Here are some other handy facts to learn:

  1. It Can be Outfitted with a Variety of Attachments: This piece of equipment can be fitted with a bucket, muck grab, winch, or even a platform. Other attachments you can add are pallet forks, material buckets, truss jib, side-tilt carriage, cubing forks, lumber forks, grapple buckets, trash hopper, and work platforms.
  2. It Extends Like a Boom: The extendable boom can be elevated at nearly a 70-degree angle and can also extend out at about 30 feet. Different machines have different lift capacities but can range from 4,400 to 12,000 pounds.
  3. They Have Many Uses: When it comes to versatility, look no further. A telehandler is often considered a ‘lift and place’ tool. That is, it works like a beefed-up forklift. But its versatility doesn’t stop there. Use it to move items, scoop dirt or mulch, lift pallets of drywall or bricks, or load a truck.
  4. Reasons to Choose a Telehandler: Why should you add a telehandler to your list of contracting equipment rental? Here are four reasons:
    • It’s Cost-Effective – Because of its versatility, it does the job of many different equipment pieces.
    • It Moves Materials Efficiently – For example, move your drywall quickly from the staging area to the side of the building you need.
    • It Handles Obstacles with Ease – Because of its ability to handle heights and forward reach, you can get your material where it needs to be with its excellent lift capacity.
    • It Takes on Rough Terrain – This machine can climb hills and plow through rough terrain with its four-wheel-drive capabilities.

Choose Puckett Rents for Your Contracting Equipment Rental Needs

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