Best Equipment for a Demolition Site – Suggestions from Puckett Rents for a More Productive Project

When bidding for a new project, you have to consider all aspects for the job so you will need different equipment to meet each stage. For example, you’ll need generators for those areas with no power. You may also need light towers when pulling late-night shifts. Using backhoes, dump trucks, and excavators can be an everyday occurrence for you. Having the right tools for your demolition project is easy when you’re looking for construction equipment for rent with Puckett Rents. Make sure you have exactly what you need to complete the project on time and stay within your budget. You will have happy clients, build your reputation, and have recurring jobs.

5 Key Pieces of Construction Equipment for a Demolition Project

If you are bidding on a demolition project, you want to make sure you have everything included in the quote to get the job done. Here are five vital pieces of equipment that will help move earth, and land you a happy client:

  1. Backhoes: When you need to navigate rough terrain, a backhoe is the handiest piece of equipment with its rubber tires capable of traversing over divots, dirt, and grass. It includes a front-facing loader bucket and an articulating arm in the rear. You can dig through the earth, remove loose material with the backhoe arm, and then haul the debris away with the bucket.
  2. Bulldozers: The angled blade on a dozer clears everything in its path, including metal, wood, and concrete. The result is a clean level surface upon which building can begin. You can find these titans of the construction industry in different sizes, with capabilities to handle small and large demolition jobs.
  3. Excavators: Keep your crew moving along efficiently with hydraulic excavators. The articulating arm adjusts as needed to dig and move earth and trench. They are capable machines that make quick demise of a structure or landscape excavation achievable.
  4. Compact Track Loaders: Move debris from one place to another effectively with a compact loader. They can easily move through tight work zones and offer excellent visibility. Rough terrain is no problem as they can drive over sand, wet dirt, and mud without getting stuck in any of it.
  5. Dump Trucks: Hauling tree branches, support beams, rocks, and other construction debris found in a demolition site is precisely what a dump trump was built for. They can easily move in and out of busy sites removing the scraps from your job site.

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