Benefit of Using Your Backhoe Rental for a Landscape Project

Beautiful landscaping makes office buildings and homes look inviting and appealing. Large equipment aids in getting the job done quickly, ultimately saving you time and energy. In addition to grabbing pole saws, spades, rakes, and post-hole diggers, consider if you need another piece of equipment that can save your back. One particular piece of equipment that is often overlooked in landscaping is the humble backhoe. As a multi-tasking powerhouse, a backhoe rental should be at the top of your tool list.

5 Ways a Backhoe Makes Easy Work of Landscaping

Landscaping is back-breaking work. Why strain your body in the heat of summer when you can take advantage of the benefits of renting a backhoe?


  1. They Handle Multitasking Well: Renting heavy equipment that can do more than one job saves you time and money. A backhoe handles the demolition of concrete and retaining walls, digs holes and ponds, and compacts soil. Use them to move plants and remove stones from the area. They can also carry supplies across the job site.
  2. You Can Rent the Right Size for Your Project: Backhoes are not a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment. They come in various sizes to fit your needs. Mini backhoes are best suited for smaller areas when you need to dig up to eight feet deep. Standard backhoes can handle medium-sized jobs where you need to dig up to 14 feet deep. Large backhoes can dig 15 feet or deeper and are helpful over rugged terrains.
  3. Terrains Are Not an Obstacle: Landscaping happens on a variety of terrains. For example, you may run into rocks and rough terrain or you might be working on sandy soil. Backhoes can handle hard and soft surfaces in addition to flat surfaces and inclines.
  4. There Is an Attachment for That: You’re not relegated only to digging with the arm or bucket. Backhoes can be equipped with different attachments to accomplish any landscaping task you have on your hands. For example, you can drill holes with an auger bit or add a hammer and break concrete. You can flatten soil by adding a tamper or compacter. There are almost endless possibilities with the right backhoe rental.
  5. You Can Work Smarter, Not Harder: Efficiency and safety are critical to making a profit from your landscaping business. A backhoe makes it easier for you and your crew to work efficiently and safely. The arm and bucket keep the machine from tipping, while fully enclosed machines protect the driver.


Take the Pain Out of Landscaping with a Backhoe Rental


Make your customer’s landscape beautiful and save your back when you choose to rent a backhoe excavator from Puckett Rents. We have a large selection of backhoes to fit your needs. We are also happy to answer any questions to determine the best size and horsepower for your job. Don’t leave stones unturned because you only have a shovel when you could have used a power horse. Contact us today for all your equipment rental needs.


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