Backhoe Rental 101: Understanding the Backhoe Loader

When you need to do some extensive digging but don’t want a large excavator, a backhoe loader may be the right choice. They’re versatile for many industries and settings, such as construction and mining. They can make digging a foundation a breeze, and clear land quickly. Just about every business owner who does work outdoors could benefit from this handy excavating tool. Yet, these handy pieces of equipment are not cheap to own. The financial outlay can be expensive for those contractors who don’t have a steady cash flow. If you need a powerful piece of equipment for larger projects, a backhoe rental is an excellent option. Your reliable rental store has exactly what you need for your next job.

A Guide to Backhoe Basics

Understanding the basics of backhoe loaders and backhoe rental will save you time and money. You will learn the types available, how they work, and the different uses when you check out this simple guide to backhoe basics:

  1. Types of backhoes: There are different sizes of backhoe loaders with various horsepower ratings. Each type has its place on a job site and consists of:
    • Standard – These are the most common backhoes you see. They have a digging bucket at the front and a backhoe at the back. They can dig holes and trenches and have a high lift capacity.
    • Extendable – The main feature of this type is a telescopic arm that extends the backhoe’s reach so you can go deeper and farther.
    • Mini – A mini backhoe loader can be the right choice for your light-duty and small-scale projects since it’s a smaller version of the standard loader.
  2. How backhoe loaders work: Each loader type has an engine that drives hydraulic pumps that send power to the different components of the machine. The operator uses levers and pedals to control the front bucket and the backhoe.
  3. Different uses for backhoe loaders: The beauty behind this machine is its versatility. You can use them for
    • Construction – Very handy for excavation, digging foundations, and moving materials.
    • Landscaping – They can clear land for building, level soil, dig holes for trees, and install irrigation systems.
    • Agriculture – Farmers use backhoe loaders for digging irrigation trenches, removing manure from barns, and clearing land for crops.
    • Road maintenance – You have probably seen these machines filling potholes and repairing roadways.
    • Mining – Mining operations use backhoe loaders for excavating and transporting materials.
    • Demolition – Use the loader to break down walls and remove debris in demolition projects.

Rent a Backhoe Loader from a Dependable Equipment Rental Company

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