Attachment Options for Your Backhoe Rental

Backhoes are handy pieces of equipment for a wide range of needs. They are used for construction purposes, small demolitions, light transportation of building materials, digging and excavating, landscaping, and breaking asphalt. When choosing your next backhoe rental from your preferred equipment provider, remember that there are many different attachments you can add to the list. Speak with the rental company and see what options may be available to you. You never know what they may have up their sleeve that will improve your efficiency on the job site.

Different Backhoe Rental Attachment Options

Many do not realize how versatile a backhoe can be when you have the proper attachment available. Each type of attachment is specific to a required task. The right one can make your project move smoothly, more efficiently, and allow for better productivity. Here are some you might find useful on your next project:

  1. Buckets: There are a few different buckets from which you can choose. A standard bucket that aids in digging and excavating tasks. Dig trenches with a trenching bucket. Pick up loose dirt, gravel, and debris with a cleanup bucket.
  2. Auger: Do you need to dig several holes? An auger attachment will make light work of all those holes you need for fence posts and signposts.
  3. Loaders: Move pallets and other materials around with a fork attachment. Grab brush, logs, and other bulky materials with a grapple bucket. Move oversized items with a loader bucket.
  4. Hydraulic hammer or breaker: Use this attachment to break concrete, asphalt, or rock, in demolition and excavation projects.
  5. Plate compactor: For those times you need to pack down soil or asphalt during roadwork and construction jobs.
  6. Ripper: Sometimes, you must break up hard or compacted soil before excavating. A ripper attachment can help you.
  7. Compaction wheel: When compacting soil, this attachment is excellent for trenches and narrow spaces.
  8. Graders: Turn the backhoe into a grading machine when you need to level surfaces and maintain roads.
  9. Thumbs: Moving tree stumps can be tricky. A thumb attachment provides a secure grip for picking up and moving objects.
  10. Rakes: Save your back when grading and raking soil, gravel, or debris with this rake.
  11. Trencher: This attachment is designed to dig long and narrow trenches, often used when installing utility lines.
  12. Saws: This is ideal for cutting through rock, concrete, or asphalt at construction and demolition sites.

Choose the Best Backhoe Rental Equipment

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