8 Things You Can Do with Your Skid Steer Rental

There is one piece of equipment that is so versatile you’ll see it on many construction sites and in material handling, landscaping, and agriculture. Known as the skid steer loader or skid steer for short, it is the jack-of-all-trades in the heavy equipment world. You can get many different attachments for use in all types of applications. Not only can you zip around your site, but you can make zero-degree radius turns for those tight spaces. When you need a piece of equipment versatile enough for all your needs, look to your local equipment rental company for your next skid steer rental.

Sizes of Skid Steers

You will want the right size for your project. Luckily, skid steers come in different sizes to accommodate your needs:


  1. Small: Best for tight spaces, a small skid steer aids you in interior demolition jobs and landscaping.
  2. Mid-Size: This size has more power than its smaller cousin and is an excellent option for digging, especially when you can’t get a backhoe in.
  3. Large: Your large-scale demolition projects, excavation work, and roadbuilding do best with a large skid steer.


What You Can Do with a Skid Steer Rental

With so many size options and the versatility of this machine, what can you do with it? Here are eight tasks you can use a skid steer for:


  1. Demolition: Use a skid steer for both interior and exterior demolition work. They’re strong enough to handle tearing down concrete, drywall, and other materials.
  2. Roadwork: Do you have some roads you need to repair? Use a skid steer with the right attachments for demolition, grading, paving, and patching. This piece of equipment can handle it all.
  3. Debris and Snow Removal: The bucket attachment makes snow removal easy without breaking your back. You can add a brush for debris removal.
  4. Earthmoving: Need to dig a trench? Add a backhoe or trencher attachment and get that trench dug in no time. An auger will have your post holes drilled perfectly.
  5. Grading: Level out the ground with a rake attachment or grading bar. You can also scoop up rocks during the grading process. Use your skid steer for backfilling, as well.
  6. Loading Equipment and Materials: Save your back and use the bucket to move your materials around the job site.
  7. Mowing: Cut down tall grass in an overgrown area with a rotary brush cutter. The zero-turn radius provides you with much-needed precision.
  8. Grind Stumps in Landscaping: Add a stump grinder and use your skid steer to get rid of pesky stumps. Then use the bucket to finish landscaping by carrying gravel or mulch.


Skid Steer Rental Made Easy with Puckett Rents

Choose the most versatile equipment available for your job when you rent a skid steer from Puckett Rents. We have many options and attachments so you can complete your project on time. Call us will your questions. We’re happy to help!

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