7 Common Applications for Boom Lifts for Rent

Some jobs require that you work in the air. Ladders serve a purpose, but they’re not always practical or safe when you need to reach extended heights. They can be rickety on uneven ground and don’t offer safety straps for falls. An aerial work platform will fit your needs when you need to climb higher than is safe on a ladder. Often called cherry pickers, boom lifts, or scissor lifts, these elevated telescopic machines safely get you in the air. You may be surprised by what you can do when you use one. Find the best boom lifts for rent by checking out a reputable equipment rental company near you.

Top Applications for Your Boom Lift Rental

Are you taking on a new project and need to know how you’ll be able to reach some of the higher areas? A boom or aerial lift may be exactly what you’re looking for. Consider these seven applications where you will find a lift used:


  1. Construction and Building Maintenance: This may be the most popular application for an aerial lift. Larger lifts get used for putting up large outside walls. Smaller ones are often used for installing and repairing ductwork, installing structural features, and accessing high wiring.
  2. Safety Inspections: You can use lifts to inspect large airplanes and bridges. Warehouse inspections conducted by OSHA personnel use lifts as well. They will utilize these versatile pieces of equipment to reenact incidents. If you have emergency lights you need to test regularly in your warehouse, a lift can get you where you need to be.
  3. Window Washing and Repair: Do you own a window washing business? Then you know ladders are not always practical. Instead, renting an aerial lift makes sense. There are some lifts you can use inside, too. A telescopic boom lift will carry you up high enough to get windows fixed or cleaned without extensive stretching.
  4. Orchards: Cherry pickers allow you to get between rows of fruit trees. Contrary to the name, these aerial lifts can help you pick just about any fruit.
  5. Tree Care: Arborists use lifts to get to the high limbs they need to cut safely. They are much safer than ladders and keep you from having to climb the tree unnecessarily.
  6. Special Events: Concert goers may not realize that lifts are used to set up stages, install lighting, and hang speakers and banners. Sometimes, the entertainer uses one during the show.
  7. Indoor Retail and Warehouses: Smaller lifts can be used for maintenance and repairs in retail and warehouse areas. They have narrow platforms that make it easier to move in between rows.


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