6 Types of Excavator Rentals for Your Next Construction Project

Finding the right equipment for your project saves you time, money, and headaches. Earthmoving machines like excavators make light work of moving dirt, sand, rubble, stones, and gravel. Do you know what will work best for your project? When looking for excavator rentals, work with your local, dependable equipment rental company. They can help you assess the best type of earthmover for your requirements to make things much easier for you and your team.

6 Types of Excavators to Make Earth Moving Simple

Many types of excavators get the job done fast and efficiently. Here are six common ones you will find:


  1. Standard or Crawler: This type of excavator is a common sight for projects with soft ground or sloped terrain. The machine runs on tracks that spread its weight across a larger footprint. The cab swings 360 degrees, making it easier to reach many areas without moving across the dirt. They are used in construction, landscaping, mining, farming, and forestry projects.
  2. Wheeled: A variation of the standard excavator, the wheeled excavator can do what the crawler does but on different terrain. It sits on wheels instead of tracks and moves quickly. They are not as helpful on hilly sites or those with soft soil.
  3. Long-Reach: Take the standard excavator, give it an extended arm and boom, and now you have a long-reach excavator. These machines are popular for demolition, especially when it’s impractical to use a wrecking ball. You might even see these along bodies of water.
  4. Dragline: Do you need to dredge a canal? Then you’ll need dragline excavator rentals. The bucket dangles from the boom, and a chain helps drag the bucket toward the machine. It is then lifted where the contents are dumped out. This equipment is also used for surface mining and large civil engineering projects.
  5. Backhoe: This is one of those machines we all wanted in our sandbox as a kid. The backhoe is exceptionally versatile, accomplishing much of the same tasks as its larger counterparts. The number of attachments you can use makes it worth every moment behind the wheel. Plus, it can level and grade soil.
  6. Skid Steer: This tiny tank is a powerhouse that also has booms and buckets that face away from the driver. The advantage is that the attachments can be lifted over the cab when needed. This machine is helpful for narrow areas and tricky turns. You will see these supporting bigger machines on commercial sites and on residential projects.

Move Earth Efficiently with Quality Excavator Rentals


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