6 Common Questions about Scissor Lifts for Rent

Contractors require different types of equipment to get their projects done fast and within budget. Renting offers a convenient solution over purchasing, helping you keep more profit from reduced overhead expenses. One frequently rented item is the scissor lift. Think of it as a ladder on steroids. They lift you higher and safer than a ladder, which makes them a perfect addition to a project. When looking for scissor lifts for rent, you may have many questions that your trusted equipment rental company can answer.

Answers to Some Common Scissor Lift Questions

As you work on your next bid, think about the possible opportunities where a scissor lift would be helpful. Now, consider the answers to these common questions:


  1. What is the tallest scissor lift you can rent? You can find them in various sizes to fit most of your needs. Typically, you can rent lifts extending between 16 and 46 feet. Find the best size for your project when you speak with your preferred rental store team.
  2. What types of scissor lifts are available? There are five kinds of scissor lifts for almost any project, including hydraulic, diesel, electric, rough terrain, and pneumatic. Some are better suited for certain areas than others. For example, a hydraulic scissor lift is a great choice when working in a warehouse and on construction or infrastructure sites.
  3. Can a scissor lift be used indoors? Yes, some types may be utilized indoors. One in particular, is the electric lift. Since they don’t have a combustion engine, they don’t give off harmful fumes and are quieter than other types.
  4. Can a scissor lift tip over? It can happen. Under the wrong circumstances, a scissor lift will topple over. This generally occurs when a load is off-center, an operator is leaning over it, or there are high winds. Once the center of gravity is affected, the rest of the lift will follow. With training and awareness, accidents can be kept to a minimum. For your own safety, you are required to wear fall protection gear whenever you’re using any type of manlift.
  5. Can you use a scissor lift on the sloped ground? They should be used on solid, flat surfaces only.
  6. Do you have to be certified to use a scissor lift? OSHA requires training and certification before operating a scissor lift. You will need to recertify every few years.


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