5 Reasons to Rent Construction Equipment

– Helpful Suggestions from the Equipment Specialists at Puckett Rents

The world of construction is known as being a feast or famine industry. One moment you have six new contracts in your pipeline. The next minute, you are unsure how you will make payroll for the next couple of months. Despite all its ups and downs, the industry is vital to the country’s growth, and those who endure know how to watch their cash flow and look for ways to save money. One way to do this is through equipment rental.

Keep your business in the black when you choose to rent off-road trucks and generators from Puckett Rents. We are the CAT Rental store for Central and South Mississippi. We have the right construction equipment rental for any size job. Please stop in at one of our convenient locations, including Jackson, MS, and talk to one of our experts.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Equipment for Your Next Project

Before you head out to your next project site, check out these five reasons for renting equipment:

  1. Avoid the Upfront Costs of Purchasing: A brand new CAT420D Backhoe is an expensive machine to buy. The impact on your budget and cash flow may be huge, and you are tied down with all that comes with ownership. Choosing equipment rental over purchasing can keep your finances flexible for other potential events.
  2. Fewer Maintenance and Repair Headaches: If you love the idea of staying on top of maintenance and the downtime that occurs when your pneumatic roller needs repairs, then owning may be a great choice. Renting leaves you with fewer headaches and less fretting over lost job production time because of broken equipment.
  3. Get the Type of Equipment You Need for the Job: You may not have the right machines to complete the excavating contract you just won. For example, you may need a rock drill for the very first time. Do you go out and buy one having no experience with the tool itself or never having a need for one before? Why not save time and money by renting it for this project?
  4. Gain Access to New Technology: There is a constant drive to make better, more efficient construction equipment, and most of us like playing with new technology. For example, renting the latest version of an earthmoving machine allows you to see the upgrades in safety features that can aid you in your job and in reaching your business goals.
  5. No Need for Equipment Storage: The more buildings and land you need to house all the different types of equipment you use means your overhead costs increase. Renting equipment reduces the need for additional storage space and helps you mitigate your business expenses.

Ease Project Headaches – Work with Puckett Rents for Your Equipment Needs

End the frustration that comes with finding the best tools for the job. Fulfill your construction equipment rental needs in Jackson and throughout central and southern Mississippi when you stop by Puckett Rents. Our experienced team will help you find what you need fast so that you can get back on the job in no time.

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