5 Attachments to Make the Most of Mini Excavator Rentals from Puckett Rents

Choose the Excavator’s Smaller Cousin for Your Next Project

When you think of doing demolition work, digging a small foundation, or moving some earth, what piece of equipment comes to mind? Maybe you envisioned a giant excavator that has to be hauled in by a semi. Using one that big may be necessary for large projects, but what about smaller landscape jobs or even driveway jobs? These types of projects may have tiny areas in which you can work, where large equipment is not suitable. A great alternative to a large excavator is to take advantage of mini excavator rentals from a dependable equipment rental company.

5 Mini Excavator Attachments for a Productive Job Site

If you have never thought about renting a mini excavator, you are in for a pleasant surprise. These miniature versions of their larger cousins in the excavating world have a lot to offer on the job site, primarily when you utilize the proper attachment, such as:

  1. The Bucket: The most common reason an excavator is utilized is to move dirt. Therefore, you need a bucket that is not too heavy yet can still dig, move earth, and demolish as required. Work with the team at Puckett Rents to find the right sized bucket for your project’s needs.
  2. Compactor: When you need to pack down soil or asphalt, you don’t have to rent separate compaction equipment. Instead, find a compaction wheel that works well with your mini excavator. Keep in mind that wheels with a large diameter may make the job progress faster, but they also weigh more. A smaller diameter wheel may be a better choice. You can also find a vibratory plate compactor attachment to compact asphalt, soil, and building foundations.
  3. Hammer: Need to demolish a driveway or break up hard ground or concrete? A hammer attachment, or breaker attachment, can attack the hard stuff with an impact rate of 700 to 1,400 beats per minute. This customizable timing saves your hands and arms from the beating they would take holding a jackhammer.
  4. Thumbs: Have you ever wished you had an extra set of hands or maybe a couple of more thumbs? Your mini excavator comes to the rescue with a thumb attachment that is extremely handy for moving small trees, logs, or boulders when landscaping. They also move those items that do not fit easily into a bucket.
  5. Power-Tilt: Sometimes, you need to reach areas without repositioning your mini excavator. That is where a power-tilt attachment comes into play. This particular attachment gives other attachments the extra reach required to do their job. You also get some additional flexibility with its 180-degree tilt and swing.

Before You Get to the Job Site, Talk to Puckett Rents

Feel confident that you have the right tools and equipment with you when you choose a mini excavator from Puckett Rents. Our team can answer your questions, and we have a wide selection of excavator rentals ready to help you get the job done right. Give us a call today and let us help you get your project done faster and on budget.

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