4 Reasons to Rent a Light Tower – Get Help for Your Job Site from Puckett Rents

There are never enough hours in the day. At least, it seems that way when you work outdoors and the seasons alter how much daylight you have. There are many things you can do to get more done during the day. You could start at dawn, work through lunch, and add weekends, or you could rent a light tower and extend your workday. You may have never thought of using a light tower, but the benefits and uses are many. For example, you can use it on a construction site and for emergency lighting, emergency preparedness, and mining operations.

Get to Know the Light Tower and Its Uses

A light tower is a unit made of a trailer, lifting mast, power supply, and lighting equipment. The trailer is often composed of a generator that runs on diesel fuel. However, some versions are battery, solar, or hydrogen powered. You can even find LED towers. The lights themselves are comprised of metal halide bulbs. Though you may not consider a light tower as vital to your project, here are a few reasons to add it to your list of rental equipment:

  1. It Has Its Own Power Source: Portable light towers are comprised of a generator that powers the lights. That means you do not have to be concerned about having to plug into another power source on job sites. Just fuel up the generator for hours of illumination by several lights.
  2. Accomplish More When the Days Grow Short: Whether you are working a construction site or out on the farm, you have much work to do, even when the sun goes down earlier. A light tower helps extend your working hours so that you can keep on schedule.
  3. Portability Makes it Easier to Get Your Project Done: These handy pieces of equipment can be moved where you need them, whether it is different places on one job site or many locations. Hook them up, move them, set them back up, and you are back on task.
  4. Enjoy a Safer Job Site: Light towers are used for nighttime work and projects with low lighting issues. By adding more light, you increase the safety of your crew, enabling them to easily see the tools and equipment with which they are working. Having lights on also deters vandals and thieves from stealing at your site after you have gone home for the night.

Rent Light Towers from Puckett Rents for Dependable Illumination

Increase your daylight hours when you rent a light tower for your project. The team at Puckett Rents will gladly help you ascertain what you need to accomplish all the parts of your job, including adding lights so that you can get more done. Give us a call today for all your tool and equipment rental needs.

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