4 Questions to Ask When Choosing Equipment Rental for Your Next Project

Preparing a bid for a new construction project means thinking through all the different aspects involved. You need to ensure you have enough crew to get the job done correctly and on schedule. There are also permits to pay for, materials to purchase, and tools to secure. When it comes to equipment rental, you want to work with a company that has the different types of high-quality equipment required for efficiency, safety, and top performance. They must also be prepared to answer all your questions and have the equipment ready for you in their inventory.

4 Questions to Ask Before You Proceed with Construction Equipment Rental

Get the best skid steer, telehandler, or bulldozer for your budget. Before you head into your local equipment rental store, take a moment to consider these four questions:

  1. What type of project am I working on? Every job is different. Landscaping and general construction need compact, versatile equipment that can handle a variety of tasks. Industrial construction and mining projects often require rugged equipment such as telehandlers to haul and hoist materials safely. Infrastructure and civic jobs often require specialty equipment, including pipelayers, cold planers, and road pavers. There are also the projects that require heavy-duty earthmoving machines too.
  2. What kind of versatility do I need? Some machines are specialized, i.e., they are best for focused projects such as road construction. Others give you the ability to accomplish many different tasks without having to swap machines. For example, switching attachments allows compact wheel loaders to clear, dig, trench, and haul. Knowing how much versatility is required will help you rent precisely what you need to be proactive on the job site.
  3. What type of job conditions will I face? Weather conditions can change almost immediately. You want to choose equipment that is best suited for the kind of terrain you’ll be working on. You need to decide if you need equipment that runs on tires or tracks. Wheeled machines are great for stable, solid terrain. In contrast, tracked equipment can handle mud or other unstable terrains.
  4. What is the size of the project area? Will you be working on a residential or commercial project that best utilizes smaller equipment? This can get a little tricky. Don’t forget to consider transportation. Knowing the size limitations of the area too will give you a leg up on choosing the best machines for your project.

Find the Right Equipment Rental for Your Project – Choose a Reliable Company

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