4 Questions to Ask About Scissor Lifts for Rent

Some jobs are meant to be done in the air, such as placing a banner across a building or switching out lightbulbs in a school gymnasium. When you need to go higher than your ladder can, you need a piece of equipment that can safely elevate you and your tools. One that is safe to stand upon and move about on without needing someone to spot you below. The best equipment for the job is a scissor lift. These handy devices help you get up in the air where you need to be to get the job done safely. You can find scissor lifts for rent from a reputable company in and around Jackson, MS, that will speed up your project completion.


What to Ask to Ensure You Rent the Right Scissor Lift for Your Job

Deciding the best size of scissor lift for you is possible when you ask these four questions:


  1. What kind of terrain will the lift be on? Scissor lifts come in two categories – electric and rough terrain. An electric lift is used primarily indoors as it uses a battery and does not put out hazardous emissions. They are best suited to move over smooth or solid slab surfaces. For example, you might rent a scissor lift that is electric if you are working within a retail store and want to avoid marring the floor. Rough terrain scissor lifts are powered by diesel or gas engines. They are better able to handle rough, uneven, or muddy terrain.
  2. How high do you need to go? A typical size is a 19-foot lift that gives you enough height to work on 10-foot ceilings and is still narrow enough to fit through doorways. If you work around power poles, you’ll benefit from a 30-foot lift. Other sizes include 50- 60-foot, suitable for tall treetops and sixth-floor exteriors, and 60- 70-foot lifts for high utility work.
  3. How much load and people capacity are needed? It’s essential to keep OSHA standards and safety in mind. You want to consider two capacities: the weight capacity and the person limit. If you find a lift with a load capacity of 750 pounds and two people, you cannot add a third person. While the capacities vary greatly, your equipment rental company can give you better insight.
  4. What size of platform do you need? Platform size makes a difference in the completion of your job. A wider platform will help you with easier access and less time repositioning during the job process. You want to make sure that whatever size of lift you get, it fits in the available space.


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