4 Must-Haves On Your List of Construction Equipment for Rent

As a professional in the construction industry, you know that time is money, and having the right equipment available saves you both. However, purchasing suitable, high-quality equipment can be cost-prohibitive as it ties up cash flow for your business. Companies that do small-scale projects and those working on a tight budget are especially affected by the expense of large equipment. You can ease the financial burden by ensuring that your list of construction equipment for rent must-haves include these top 5 items from your preferred rental company.

Essential Construction Equipment for Rent

Construction equipment for rent

Deciding when to buy and when to rent is a personal choice. Buying has its merits, but renting is an excellent way to keep the balance sheets balanced and have access to high-quality equipment like these:

  1. Skid steer loaders: This practical, compact piece of equipment can be used for digging and hauling materials. They can perform heavy tasks in small spaces because of their high power in a small frame. You can utilize many different attachments to use for excavation, digging and trenching, landscaping, and construction projects.
  2. Bulldozers: For those times when you need to push large quantities of rubble, soil, sand, and other loose materials. Originally used by farmers as tractors for plowing and clearing land, bulldozers are now used in a variety of environments and applications. You can use them to build roads and clear building sites.
  3. Boom lifts: Ladders are good for many jobs that require you to be in the air. A boom lift is a better choice for those times when you need to do some aerial work safely. For example, a boom lift is ideal for utility work, landscaping, painting, and hanging signage in high places. Like many other pieces of construction equipment, you have various types available to ensure you get the right size and height for your project.
  4. Scissor lifts. Classified as a man lift, scissor lifts aid maintenance and construction workers in elevating them to the heights they need to accomplish their job. They are often self-propelled machines and can be used inside for tight areas, or outdoors. Some are even geared for rougher terrain, making your job easier.

Choose a Reliable Company Offering Construction Equipment for Rent

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