MD6240 Rotary Drill

MD6240 Rotary Drill

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High productivity and low cost of ownership is yours with the MD6240 Rotary Drill. With bit load force of 24 000 kg (52,911 lb) and the capability to drill depths up to 55.47 m (182 ft) the MD6240 is well equipped to drill in hard or soft rock applications. Built to be reliable, safe and easy to service for years to come.

Basic Specifications

Bit Load
24 000 kg (52,911 lb)
Hole Diameter
152-244 mm (6-9.625 in)
C27 (Tier 2) – 597 kW (800 hp) at 2,100 rpm
48 m³/min (1,700 ft³/min) 6.9 bar (100 psi)
Engine Cat® C27 Tier 2
597 kW (800 hp) at 2,100 rpm
Hole Depth Single-pass (12 m/39 ft mast)
Up to 12.80 m (42 ft)/Multi-pass Up to 55.47 m (182 ft)
Hole Depth Single-pass (15 m/49 ft mast)
Up to 15.85 m (52 ft)/Multi-pass Up to 31.08 m (102 ft)

Rated Capacity

Depth multi-pass (15 m/49 ft mast)
Up to 31.08 m (Up to 102 ft)
Depth single-pass (12 m/39 ft mast)
Up to 12.80 m (Up to 42 ft)
Bit/hole diameter
152-244 mm (6-9.625 in)
Depth multi-pass (12 m/39 ft mast)
Up to 55.47 m (Up to 182 ft)
Depth single-pass (15 m/49 ft mast)
Up to 15.85 m (Up to 52 ft)

Operating Temperature

Up to 4572 m (Up to 15,000 ft)
Cold weather option
-40.0 ° F
Maximum ambient rating (standard)
125.0 ° F
Minimum ambient rating (standard)
30 ° F

Pull-down/Hoisting Capacity

Adjustable head guide shoes
Steel with replaceable Nylatron
Cable sheaves (cylinder) OD
16.0 in
Cable sheaves (top and bottom) OD
20.0 in
Cylinder bore – diameter
6.5 in
Cylinder rod – diameter
4.0 in
Number of cylinders
Pull-down cylinder stroke (12 m/39 ft)
286.2 in
Pull-down cylinder stroke (15 m/49 ft)
346.5 in
Sheave guards
Standard at bottom plate
Closed-loop, hydraulic (stationary rod, moving barrel)
Automatic cable
Hydraulic cylinder, tensioning
Cable type 25 mm (1 in)
Drilling feed/retract rate
0-39.3 m/min (0-129 ft/min)
Head travel (12 m/39 ft)
572.4 in
Head travel (15 m/49 ft)
693.0 in
Rated hoist capacity
Up to 222 kN (Up to 50,000 lbf)
Rated pull-down capacity
Up to 222 kN (Up to 50,000 lbf)

Rotary Drive System

Drive motor
See Hydraulic System
Casting design
Horsepower capacity
182 hp
Straight spur
Main thrust bearing
Taper roller
Rotation speed
0-220 rpm
0-13 015 N·m (0-9,600 ft-lb)

Cooler Assembly

Compressor cooler – Height
72.0 in
Compressor cooler – Width
64.0 in
Engine radiator, top tank
Sealed deaeration tank, pressure cap, overflow tube and sight glass
Fan diameter (one fan per cooler, 10 blades)
48.0 in
Fan guard
Fan speed – maximum
1525.0 RPM
Radiator/hydraulic cooler – Height
58.0 in
Radiator/hydraulic cooler – Width
58.0 in
Special Note
Split coolers, air-finned, three- or four-core, radiator/hydraulic stacked, compressor separate
Standard ambient rating
125.0 ° F

Compressor (Standard)

Air cleaner type
Dry-type with safety element
Air shut-off
Hydraulic cylinder-operated from operator’s seat
Automatic with safety shut-down
Direct coupled to engine flywheel
Oil cooling
Air-to-oil cooler, thermostatically controlled
Oil filtration
12 micron replaceable element
Oil separation
Vertical barrier element, pre-separation in 189 L (50 gal) horizontal sump (T-tank)
Discharge air flow (sea level)
1700 ft3/min
Maximum operating pressure
100 psi
Oil-flooded, single-stage screw

Compressor (Optional)

Air cleaner
Dry-type with safety element
Discharge air flow (sea level)
33 m3/min (1,150 ft3/min); 38 m3/min (1,350 ft3/min); 43 m3/min (1,500 ft3/min)
Maximum operating pressure
10.3/24.1 bar or 10.3/24.1/34.5 bar (150/350 psi or 150/350/500 psi)
Type (high pressure)
Oil-flooded, two-stage screw

Engine (Standard) – C27 Tier 2

Full load
2100.0 RPM
Air cleaner type
Dry-type with safety element
Four (4) 8-D
Jacket water cooling/CAC
Manifold covers
Blankets and/or exhaust wrap
Muffler (inlet and outlet)
5.0 in
Muffler guard
10 gauge for personal protection
Optional fuel tank
415.0 gal
Safety shut-down system
Energized to run
Starting system
24V DC
Rated horsepower
800 hp
Fuel tank
765 gal
C27 Tier 2
Optional rated horsepower
875 hp

Engine (Optional) – QST-30

Air cleaner type
Dry-type with safety element
Four (4) 8-D
Fuel tank
350.0 gal
Full load
2100.0 RPM
Jacket water cooling
QST-30 (Non-Cert)
Muffler (inlet and outlet)
5.0 in
Muffler guard
10 gauge for personal protection
Optional Tier 2 rated horsepower
1050.0 hp
Optional fuel tank
415.0 gal
Rated horsepower
1050.0 hp
Safety shut-down system
Energized to run
Starting system
24V DC
Turbo and manifold covers
Blankets and/or exhaust wrap


ASTM 500 grade B rectangular tubing, welded
Hose tray
Sheet steel trough for moving hoses
Hydraulic lines
Pressure-rated steel hydraulic tubing
Pivot and raising area
Rectangular tubing A-frame; reinforced in high-stress areas
Table hole diameter (diameter deck hole for guide bushing)
11.0 in

Mast – Elevating Cylinders

Cylinder bore diameter
8.0 in
Cylinder connection pins diameter
2.25 in
Cylinder rod diameter
4.0 in
Cylinder stroke
42.6 in
Lift capacity each cylinder
125065.0 lb
Number of cylinders

Operator’s Cab

12 gauge steel welded to formed 12 gauge channel and angle supports
Door latches
Heavy-duty latches with lockable handles
Helper’s seat
Fixed folding jump seat
Insulation, floor [closed-cell foam with 3 mm (0.125 in) pyramid vinyl surface]
0.375 in
Insulation, wall and ceiling (thermal)
1.0 in
Left door to work deck
Swing-type HD hinge
Length at floor
78.0 in
Operator’s seat
One swivel-type with armrests, headrest and retractable seat belt
Right door
Swing-type HD hinge
Sound levels
80 dB(A) or less
Width at floor
59.75 in
Climate control
Wall-mounted, AC/heating/pressurizing unit
Floor area
32.4 ft2
Height inside
76.5 in
Number of doors
2 with windows (included above)
Number of windows
Window wipers and washers
Shock-mounted; two-man, integrated FOPS certified
Windows (tinted safety glass in rubber mounting)
0.25 in


Final drive
Independent hydrostatic motors
Overall length
224.6 in
Pad type
Triple grouser
Pad width
29.5 in
Rear axle (solid)
8.0 in
Sealed, oil-flooded
Excavator type
Upper track chain support
Two (2) carrier rollers
Width over tracks
154.0 in
Spring set, hydraulic release
Front axle
Three-point oscillating type
Gradeability mast down
48%/25.6 degrees
Maximum drive horsepower per track
204.0 hp
Number of lower rollers
Rock guards/chain guides
Standard full-length guards
Tram speed maximum
1.25 mph


Electric welded
Handrails – Diameter
1.9 in
Handrails – Height
48.0 in
Main rails (ASTM 500 Grade B rectangular tubing heavily cross-braced and reinforced at high-stress areas)
203 mm × 406 mm × 13 mm (8 in × 16 in × 0.5 in)
Lockable door, below cab side walkway
Tow hooks
Welded, two (2) front
Jacks, mast pivot and deck
Welded integrally to mainframe
Machine deck
Access both sides

Mainframe – Leveling Jacks

Counterbalance valves
Internal at each cylinder
Cylinder bore
5.5 in
Cylinder rod diameter
3.0 in
Cylinder stroke
60.0 in
Inner extension boot – Outside diameter
8.625 in
Inner extension boot – Wall
0.322 in
2 front; 2 rear
Pad connection
Ball and socket
Lift capacity
65300 lbf
Pad diameter
24 in

Drill Table and Work Deck

Deck floor material
Non-skid sheet metal
Drill deck area
73.8 ft2
Drill deck length
104.75 in
Drill deck width
101.5 in
Table height off ground
52.0 in

Dust Suppression

Dust collector capacity
4500 ft3/min
Both dry and water injection can be mounted on the same drill

Dust Curtain (Optional Hydraulic Lifters, Front and Rear)

Enclosed area
45.14 ft2
Material (rubber nylon reinforced)
0.25 in
Split for excess
Front and rear with 305 mm (12 in) overlap

Hydraulic System

Fan Drive Motor(s) – Single Fan – Pressure rating (continuous)
6000.0 psi
Fan Drive Motor(s) – Single Fan – Type
Fan/Accessory Circuit Pump (Open-loop) – Maximum flow – dual fan (one per cooler)
72.0 gal/min
Fan/Accessory Circuit Pump (Open-loop) – Pressure rating
5000.0 psi
Fan/Accessory Circuit Pump (Open-loop) – Type
Axial piston, variable volume
Filtration (all filters have indicators and bypass) – Case return
12 micron
Filtration (all filters have indicators and bypass) – Charge
3 micron, 1 per loop
Filtration (all filters have indicators and bypass) – Loop
12 micron, 2 per loop (optional)
Filtration (all filters have indicators and bypass) – Main return
12 micron absolute
Left and Right Track/Rotation Pump (Closed-loop) – Maximum flow
75.0 gal/min
Left and Right Track/Rotation Pump (Closed-loop) – Pressure rating
5800.0 psi
Left and Right Track/Rotation Pump (Closed-loop) – Type
Axial piston, variable volume
Pump Drive Gearbox – Drive
Rubber coupler/drive shaft to front of engine
Pump Drive Gearbox – Type
3 pad
Rotation Drive Motor – Pressure rating
5000.0 psi
Rotation Drive Motor – Type
Axial piston variable volume
Track Drive Motors (2) – Pressure rating
6000.0 psi
Track Drive Motors (2) – Type
Bent-axis fixed volume

Oil Cooling System (Hydraulic Tank)

Reservoir pressure
Atmospheric, filtered breather
Reservoir with sight and temperature gauge
170.0 gal


Centralized manual (optional auto-lubrication)

Pipe Rack (outside the mast)

Pipe rack index
Hydraulic motor through chain drive
Pipe rack swing
Hydraulic cylinders (2)
Size of drill pipe/capacity
114-178 mm (4.5-7 in)
12 m (39 ft) mast arrangement
4 pods; 10.67 m (35 ft) long pipe
15 m (49 ft) mast arrangement
2 pods; 7.62 m (25 ft) long pipe
Carousel, with stationary pods and breaker plates

Winch System

Cable size
0.5 in
3500 lb

Accessories, Tools and Handling Equipment

Drill Pipe (Optional, Price-Adder) – 12 m (39 ft) mast arrangement: Diameter (customer specification)
114-178 mm (4.5-7.0 in)
Drill Pipe (Optional, Price-Adder) – 12 m (39 ft) mast arrangement: Wall thickness
0.75 in
Drill Pipe (Optional, Price-Adder) – 12 m (39 ft) mast arrangement: Length
35 ft
Drill Pipe (Optional, Price-Adder) – 12 m (39 ft) mast arrangement: Threads
Depends on pipe diameter
Drill Pipe (Optional, Price-Adder) – 15 m (49 ft) mast arrangement: Diameter (customer specification)
114-178 mm (4.5-7.0 in)
Drill Pipe (Optional, Price-Adder) – 15 m (49 ft) mast arrangement: Wall thickness
0.75 in
Drill Pipe (Optional, Price-Adder) – 15 m (49 ft) mast arrangement: Length
25 ft
Drill Pipe (Optional, Price-Adder) – 15 m (49 ft) mast arrangement: Threads
Depends on pipe diameter
Top Adapter Sub – Diameter
Depends on pipe diameter
Top Adapter Sub – Length
28 in
Top Adapter Sub – Top thread (API Reg.)
5.5 in
Top Adapter Sub – Bottom thread
Depends on pipe diameter
Bit Sub – Table bushing
One (1) piece insert, roller deck bushing or two-piece
    • The MD6240 is designed to drill from 152-244 mm (6-9.625 in) diameter holes with rated pulldown and hoist capacity up to 22 680 kg (50,000 lb), in Rotary or Down the Hole applications.
    • Metal turbo and exhaust manifold covers
    • Engine pre-lube
    • Additional filtration
    • Coolant conditioner
  • MAST
    • 152-270 mm (6-105⁄8 in) hole diameter
    • Up to 22 680 kg (50,000 lb) rated single cylinder pulldown/hoist system
    • Up to 24 000 kg (52,911 lb) bit load with one pipe in the drill string
    • Patented HOBO (Hydraulically Operated Break-Out) wrench operated from the cab
    • Auto cable tensioning system
    • 25° angle drilling package and mast locks
    • Winch system 1587 kg (3,500 lb) capacity
    • Single motor
    • Rotation speed 0-100 rpm
    • Up to 13 016 N·m (9,600 ft-lb) torque
    • Integrated FOPS
    • Totally enclosed, insulated, two-man cab
    • Two (2) hinged doors with heavy duty freezer type door latch system
    • Ten (10) windows (safety glass, tinted)
    • Windshield wiper and washer kit
    • Ergonomic operator’s console with full instrumentation
    • Ergonomic operator’s seat with head and armrests, retractable seat belt, air suspension mount
    • Electric over hydraulic drill functions
    • Auxiliary functions operated by fingertip toggle switches
    • More than 3 m2 (32.4 ft2) of floor space
    • Excellent visibility
    • dB rating of 80 or less
    • Wall mounted air conditioner/heater/pressurizer, belt driven
    • Rubber shock-mounts to absorb vibration
    • Electric horn activated by push button in the cab
    • Gel cell maintenance free battery
    • Document holder inside the cab
    • Excavator type, with 12 lower rollers
    • 750 mm (29.5 in) triple grousers
    • Full length chain guides/rock guards
    • Made of heavily cross-braced rectangular steel tubing
    • Rear deck is stationary during both angle and vertical drilling modes
    • Viewing hatch in rear deck, hydraulically operated from cab to help spotting holes
    • Four (4) hydraulic leveling jacks (152 cm/60 in)
    • Dust chamber clean-out door
    • Centralized lubrication system (34 points)
    • Additional mast rests mounted on non-drill end
    • 1325 L (350 gal) fuel tank under engine: - Additional fuel tank available as option
    • 1570 L (415 gal) additional fuel tank under compressor
    • 4 × 8D batteries
    • Hydraulically operated from the cab
    • Maximum ambient cooling capacity of 52° C (125° F) with replaceable cores
    • Two (2) variable displacement axial piston pumps, in closed loop system, that operate the drill rotation, pulldown/hoist system, and tram functions
    • Double-gear pump, in open loop system, for all auxiliary functions and fan circuit
    • Dual filtration
    • Top sub adapter
    • Table bushing
    • Bit sub [note: 12 m/39 ft configuration: 342 cm (135 in) S-S, 15 m/49 ft configuration: 152 cm (60 in) S-S]
    • Horseshoe bushing
    • Bit basket
    • Hoist plug (lifting bail)
    • Auto tool wrench/deck wrench
    • See Optional Equipment and select the required system
    • Standard Caterpillar Colors
    • Backup alarm
    • Filter kit for 50-hour preventive maintenance
    • Two (2) hard copy sets Operator/Service/Maintenance/Parts/Engine manuals, in English
    • One Link-One Parts manual on CD, Operator and Service manual in pdf
    • Seven (7) 60-watt LED lights for night drilling
    • Side walkways and handrails with side boarding ladder
    • Tool box, mounted under walkway (tools not included)
    • Lift kit
    • Towing hooks (front end)
    • Battery disconnect
    • Shock sub and adaptor, bit sub, two-piece table bushing, horseshoe bushing, hoist plug, bit basket, hammer oil injection system with 113.5 L (30 gal) tank
    • Dust Collector 4500 Series
    • Water injection system for dust suppression with three (3) tanks totaling 1271 L (336 gal) mounted under the front deck
    • Water injection system for dust suppression with total 1514 L (400 gal) tank mounted on top-deck (mounted in place of Dry Dust Collector)
    • Note: Dry Dust Collector and water injection on the same drill can be selected only with below deck tanks.
    • Drill pipe
    • Roller deck bushing
    • Two-piece (split) deck bushing
    • Rotary head RPM gauge, digital
    • Rotary torque control
    • Rotary/hammer shock sub
    • Rock oiler injection system (for Tricone); 113.56 L (30 gal)
    • Pipe guide roller assembly mounted on drill deck (rear deck)
    • Dual purpose carousel (hammer - Tricone pipe rack)
    • Wiggins fuel only
    • Wiggins full service (fuel, hydraulic oil, coolant, engine oil)
    • Automatic lubrication system (34 points)
    • Drilling pipe thread lube system, activated from inside the cab
    • Additional loop filters between pumps and motors
    • Hydraulic diagnostic test station
    • Engine mounted stop
    • Ground level engine shutdown
    • Rotating beacons (one on mast crown, one on cab, one on front-end)
    • WEBASTO system (self-contained heater for engine coolant, water, hydraulic oil, fuel)
    • Cab floor heater (electric fan with heater core utilizing engine coolant)
    • Heating and circulation/drainage system for water injection installation, for -40° C (-40° F) with gate valve activated by temperature sensor
    • Cold weather package for temperatures down to -40° C (-40° F): - Two-speed fan arrangement for coolers - Electric heating elements for heating of fuel and water tanks, coolant, hydraulic oil tank - Insulation of bottom of the cab and fuel tanks - Compressor regulators enclosed in insulated box with electric heating element - Inlet control cylinder enclosed in a box with electric heating element - Cab floor heater - electric fan with heater core utilizing engine coolant - Thermo-glass in cab - Dead-end arctic hoses @ pivot points - Cold weather lubricants - Water injection hose (if water injection selected) with insulated sheath-electric heater - 40 kW (54 hp) diesel gen-set or on-board transformer to power heating package (mine site to provide plug)
    • Mast lock indicator
    • Jack retract indicators
    • Tram interlock, jacks (with indicator)
    • Tram interlock, head-position (pipe-in-hole)
    • Pipe rack interlock
    • Filter indicators, centrally mounted in cab (hydraulic, compressor, air intake)
    • 24 to 12 volt converter
    • Extra lighting package (5 additional 60 watt LED lights)
    • Blowdown hose with nozzle
    • Hydraulic rear dust curtain lifting system
    • Hydraulic front dust curtain lifting system
    • CE conformity kit
    • Special paint
    • Closed circuit camera system with two cameras for front and rear mounting and monitor in cab
    • Radio AM/FM, CD player and USB port for I-pod
    • Radio C.B. with antenna
    • XIR cab glass upgrade
    • Thermal double-pane glass upgrade
    • Cab window shades
    • Remote jump start terminals
    • Electric horn activated by push button in the cab
    • Gel-cell maintenance free battery upgrade
    • Main drill window cage
    • Lanyard attachment - cable with traveling hook on mast, and personnel harness
    • Tram remote control (pendant/cable) for operation of tram controls from ground
    • Winch remote control pendant (control outside cab)
    • 24V to 110V or 220V AC invertor
    • Mechanical tool kit (reference TV014590)
    • Three-point harness kit for operator’s seat
    • Water injection flow meter
    • Cab manometer
    • Extreme hot weather lubricant upgrade (compressor oil)
    • Extreme hot weather lubricant upgrade (hydraulic oil)
    • Basic engine shut down timer
    • Murphy EMS panel mounted in cab-dash
    • EMS lap top harness/terminal mounted inside cab
    • Mirror kit (includes three bolt-on mirrors)
    • Slope indicator mounted in cab to indicate forward and lateral angle
    • Hydraulic oil temperature gauge mounted in dash
    • Document holder mounted inside the cab